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Ageless Skin: The Connection Between Skincare and Longevity – Episode 183

Do you know how to take care of your skin? Or the current mistake you are making? Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Amitay Eshel in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Amitay Eshel is an entrepreneur in the biohacking and beauty fields. He has held executive roles in the health, wellness, and beauty industry for over a decade and has been a business development consultant in that space. As Co-founder and CEO of Young Goose, the biohacking skincare company, and host of the Young Goose’s Biohacking Beauty podcast, Amitay has been making waves in his industry through education and innovation. Young Goose embodies his two passions, performance optimization and skin health, with products that boost the functions of natural rejuvenation processes in the skin. In this episode, they discuss skincare, longevity, and best practices for the best skin. As the podcast progresses, they talk about advances in skincare, the difference in approach with Young Goose, and how skincare plays into longevity. Next, Amitay Eshel delves into the science of senescent cells and their implications on aging. Eshel examines how these cells become a big driver of aging as we grow older and infect healthy cells, leading to an accumulation of senescent burden on our skin that drives whole-body aging. He discusses the importance of eliminating these cells from areas exposed to environmental toxins and even reveals that a serum aimed at removing these cells exists. So, what can you do immediately for your best skin? 

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and Living Young for a Lifetime! 


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Show Notes:

Steve gives an overview of the discussion with Amitay Eshel. (00:38) 
Dr. Gladden introduces Amitay Eshel and shares his focus. (3:30) 
Amitay shares how he started off his career. (6:00) 
Amitay says that most people like to give labels to things. (7:37) 
There is a physical toll of special forces training. (8:00) 
Amitay speaks about navigation training as one of the more difficult trainings. (10:05) 
Building resilience is the key to success. (11:31) 
Amitay notes that you are not aging linearly. (13:44) 
Amitay explains that the question they get the most is – ‘How fast do I see a difference?’ (15:47) 
Stress ages people quickly, so best to think of resilience first. (17:04) 
Dr. Gladden reveals that the antidote to aging is being youthful. (18:48) 
Red light therapy is an amazing technology. (21:03) 
Amitay states that one of his favorite topics is senescent cells. (23:47) 
Amitay gives examples about not being able to mimic the facial expression of others because of the heavy use of Botox. (25:04) 
Science has shown that people can look at you and infer your biological age. (27:43) 
The way you treat yourself from the inside will affect the way your skin is. (29:30) 
Dr. Gladden asks Amitay to talk about how senescence is measured. (31:12) 
Amitay discloses that one can also have leaky skin. (32:56) 
Steve asks how you know if your skin isn’t detoxifying well, and Amitay shares expert tips for detoxifying for clearer skin (34:37) 
Amitay clarifies the use of coconut husk. (38:36) 
Dr. Gladden mentions GHKCU use. (41:28) 
Amitay says what we call epigenetic expression is true. (45:05) 
Peptides and marine compounds are the ultimate collagen boost. (47:25) 
Amitay has a system that he has developed to upregulate certain genetic expressions. (49:18) 
Amitay emphasizes that the skin cannot break down resveratrol. (51:38) 
Eliminating senescent cells is a key to slowing aging. (54:30) 
Amitay lists areas in our body where we can find most senescent cells. (56:12) 
Amitay explains that the young goose does not grow older after a certain age. (1:00:34) 
Dr. Gladden thanks Amitay for being on the show. (1:03:25)

To learn more about Amitay Eshel and Young Goose Skincare, check out the following: 

Facebook: @YoungGooseSkincare 
Instagram: @young_goose_skincare 
LinkedIn: @AmitayEshel


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