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ARX Fit – an Interview with Mike Pullano – Episode 105

On this episode of Living Beyond 120, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden from Gladden Longevity and Dr. Mark Young get the chance to talk with ARX Fit Chief Product Officer, Mike Pullano. ARX Fit is the world’s leader in computer-controlled, motorized resistance technology. Mike teaches us more about ARX Fit, as we discuss the science behind resistance training, as well as the health and safety benefits that resistance training with ARX Fit provides. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Mark Young and Dr. Gladden discuss the tip of the day (1:38)

We meet today’s guest, Mike Pullano (10:00)

We discuss the difference between static weights and the adaptive nature of resistance training, as well as the benefits of resistance training (12:15)

Mike talks about how using a motorized system like ARX Fit is helpful and safe for those who have experienced different injuries (23:45)

Mike shares why resistance training is important, in general, and specifically in terms of aging and longevity (26:30)

Dr. Gladden discusses the importance of the hormetic stress on your body that exercise provides (28:40)

Mike and Dr. Gladden discuss the number of reps they do with the ARX machine (30:53)

We learn the importance and benefits of the instantaneous feedback that the ARX machine gives and how it helps maximize your workout each time (32:50)

Mike shares his experience with using ARX machine and blood flow restriction (37:00)

Mike shares with us how ARX Fit was born (40:30)

ARX Fit is advancing and quantifying strength training (43:35)

We discuss sports injury and how ARX provides optimal benefit and minimal risk (47:28)

Mike gives us three tips to have great longevity and live beyond 120 (43:30)

Dr. Gladden shares an empowering thought with us (52:36)

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