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From Emergency Medicine to Making 100 the New 30 – Episode 179

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Steve, and Dr. Ernie Navarro in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Ernie Navarro is a Medical Doctor working for Gladden Longevity and has previously worked with Questcare Partners, Envision Health, and Metropolitan Hospital, and studied at New York Medical College. In this episode, you get to hear Dr. Navarro’s story, how he ended up at Gladden Longevity, and the impact of Covid vaccines and boosters on aging and longevity. Listen to find out more. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and Living Young for a Lifetime!


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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden welcomes everyone to the podcast and introduces Dr. Ernie Navarro. (2:00) 
Trained as an emergency physician, Dr. Gladden asked Dr. Navarro pushed him to think outside the box. (3:05) 
Dr. Navarro shares that what he missed about ER were the people he worked with and their fun personalities. (4:32) 
Dr. Gladden shares how medicine has changed over the years and the increased cost of medical care. (6:15) 
Dr. Gladden reveals that medicine has changed because of the many administrative burdens on doctors. (8:00) 
Some of the coordinators in the hospital have experience in the medical line but are mostly focused on profit. (10:22) 
Dr. Gladden reveals how the many administrative duties put on doctors lead to burnout. (12:30) 
Dr. Navarro shares how his sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at a very young age and had to undergo treatment. (14:08) 
Dr. Navarro details how his sister passed away from the return of cancer. (15:59) 
Dr. Navarro said he got tired of the day and night schedule and needed something different. (18:55) 
Dr. Gladden talks about how he went without pay for four and half years trying to build Gladden Longevity. (22:30) 
Dr. Navarro discloses that he has had moments where he has doubted himself. (25:24) 
Dr. Navarro shares insights about the impact that people share that keeps him going. (29:25) 
Dr. Gladden discloses what he loves about Dr. Navarro. (33:00) 
“What might have been best last year might not be best this year.” (36:10) 
Dr. Navarro explains that for people getting boosters, their biological age bumps to over fifteen years older. (43:08) 
Dr. Gladden shares how telomeres shorten after people take boosters. (45:16) 
Dr. Navarro points out how the booster is not serving anyone at this point. (50:15) 
The consequence of the Covid vaccine is different from all other vaccines. (53:10) 
Dr. Gladden shares that too much growth hormone is in itself an aging process. (55:47) 
Steve thanks everyone for the conversation. (59:12) 
Dr. Gladden emphasizes that to work with Gladden Longevity, you can just reach out through the website, and you will get a response. (1:00:15) 
Dr. Navarro points out that mindset is really important in succeeding as a client with Gladden Longevity. (1:01:25) 

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