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Is This Better Than Growth Hormone? – Episode 178

Do you need to establish beginning biomarkers to measure improvements? Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Dustin Baker in this episode of Gladden Longevity. Dustin Baker is the President of BioProtein Technology and creator of BioPro+. With years of experience working intimately with some of the world’s most elite professional athletes, trusted physicians, and even international private security / military personnel, his passion remains to help individuals maximize their physiological and cognitive potential safely. Since his 20s, Dustin has been instrumental in the product design and brand development for natural products in the professional athletics, fitness, and medical supply categories. This episode discusses Human Growth Hormone, what it is, what it does, and its benefits and liabilities. As the podcast progresses, they talk about its decline as you age and how you can improve it naturally or with help. In addition, they consider risk factors with synthetic Rx treatments, the availability of other options that are not necessarily synthetic, and the importance of feeling, looking, and performing your best personally and professionally. Listen to find out more. 

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden welcomes everyone to this edition of the show and welcomes Dustin. (2:07) 
Dustin says health and nutrition education for children is nonexistent. (4:36) 
Dr. Gladden notes that “crappy” food is less expensive than quality food. (5:50) 
Dustin mentions that his weight issues led to bad habits. (8:05) 
Dustin emphasizes that he always mentions his friend who first motivated him to take fitness seriously. (10:17) 
Dustin explains that the slightest show of appreciation can significantly impact people’s lives. (13:45) 
Dustin retrospects about how some time back, he never went outside his comfort zone to get better. (15:40) 
Dustin describes his first mentor, whose entire business was built around human performance. (17:45) 
Dustin shares that as time passed, he got contracts, referrals, and more jobs based on his previous job and performance. (19:47) 
Dustin shares that growth factors are cell signals that signal cells to do stuff. (21:40) 
Dustin highlights his passion of giving men over the age of thirty-five their life back. (23:16) 
Dustin goes over how living growth factors are extracted from other mammals. (25:24) 
Dustin discloses that IGF1 seems to be the popular growth factor. (27:48) 
Dustin comments that IGF is really cool, and it’s always good to take a look at what IGF efficiency looks like. (29:26) 
Dr. Gladden shares an interesting point about how growth factors can promote cancers. (31:53) 
Dr. Gladden points out that there is a balance of growth factors that are needed. (33:17) 
Dustin speaks of how Russians are heavily invested in their people’s human performance and longevity. (35:33) 
Dustin tells us how they receive orders from all around the world. (37:07) 
Dustin reveals that one out of three men suffers from erectile dysfunction issues. (38:55) 
Dr. Gladden emphasizes that there is no downside to sexual activity. (40:22) 
Dr. Gladden asks Dustin to list some of the top benefits of the product. (43:25) 
Dustin recounts the testimony of an athlete who changed his life using the product. (46:18) 
Dustin expresses how a government agency has been using and testing the product with its elite team. (48:24) 
Dustin speaks about how physicians were using the BioPro+ for their TRT patients and noticing improvements. (51:23) 
Dr. Gladden thanks Dustin for his time. (54:14)

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Telephone number: 1-800-280-2456 
Email address: 
Instagram: @bioproteintech 


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