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Longevity, Fasting, & Molecular Hydrogen — A Conversation with Alex Tarnava – Episode 57

On this episode, Mark and Dr. Gladden welcome Alex Tarnava, CEO at NMW and Drink HRW, to chat about a myriad of topics pertaining to health and longevity. 

 They start off by discussing the trend of diets that mimic fasting and what outcome they have on our health. Because fasting “resets” our bodies, it has been shown to have great effect in aiding such things as DNA repair, gut health, and autophagy.

Alex gives insight into the correlation between fasting and cancer treatments. He explains how fasting leads to a lack of sugar in the body, which can actually weaken cancer cells, making chemotherapy and other treatments more effective at targeting cancerous cells. 

Next, the group moves on to discussing molecular hydrogen and the incredible studies that are gaining popularity and notoriety. Molecular hydrogen can help to mitigate the biggest contributors to aging, which is making it appealing to those striving for longevity. It has also been shown to reduce liver fat and improve conditions associated with mitochondrial impairments, diabetes, and metabolic issues. 

The uses of hydrogen are becoming so renowned that even athletes have begun to utilize it to help their bodies respond better to exercise and increase their overall energy. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Special Guest: Alex Tarnava

Alex has a passion for health, fitness, learning and self-improvement. After a lifetime of sports activity, he was shocked to find he’d developed osteoarthritis while still in his physical prime. Unwilling to give up his way of life, he dosed himself regularly with Naproxen to counter the pain and discomfort he lived with every day. Over time, the drug’s effects lessened while the gastro-intestinal side-effects increased.

Searching for alternatives, Alex scoured medical journals looking for emerging treatments that would help, reading hundreds of published articles in the process. This was where he happened upon the potential of molecular hydrogen. Skeptical at first, the more he read the more interested he became in its potential.

Motivated by pain and the hope he garnered from his research, he began to experiment with ways of replicating the dosage levels being used successfully across the scientific community. After a time, he realized he needed real expertise and sought out Dr. Richard Holland’s counsel.

After a thrilling ride through discovery, multiple experimentation, and finally success, Drink HRW open cup hydrogen tablets were finally ready for the public. Alex remains committed to bringing relief through Rejuvenation and several other planned products to not just other sufferers, but anyone interested in preventative health and longevity. Together, his team wants to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience the tremendous benefits of daily use of molecular hydrogen in a safe and effective manner. 

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