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A Life in Alignment – a Conversation with Dr. Tom Gargiula – Episode 54

On this episode of Living Beyond 120, Mark and Dr. Gladden invite chiropractor Dr. Tom Gargiula to discuss how important a balanced and well-functioning nervous system is for total body wellness, plus the mindset one needs to keep their entire body and mind in alignment. He talks about how his practice is a much more subtle and specific than many people imagine chiropractic treatment works.

Dr. Tom talks through his “Seven Pillars of Health,” which he believes people should follow for their best quality of health and life. He also shares what he thinks are essential for people to live an abundant and full 120 years of life.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

About the guest:

Dr. Tom Gargiula, known as “Dr. G,” moved from Long Island, NY, to St. Louis to earn his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree at Logan College. While there, he met his wife Sue on a blind date, and they opened their own chiropractic office together in 1994. This was the beginning of Windmill Wellness Center and over 25 years of passionate service to the community.

In 1997, God brought the couple their first opportunity to adopt a child. Within seven years, Tom and Sue were blessed with four children adopted from Guatemala: Nick, Matt, Mia and Natalie. In 2015 and 2016, Tom’s family served on mission trips (that Tom co-lead), bringing chiropractic to an impoverished and underserved part of Guatemala.

In his continued desire to serve people, Tom wrote his book about life mastery, The Ripple Effect, to share with people how to consciously create their life in their own ideal. He also offers a Life Development Program for Young Adults to help teach them strategies for success in life.

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