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When you become a client at Gladden Longevity + Advanced Performance Center, you step into a world where science meets boundless possibility.  We leverage the latest breakthroughs in technology and evidence-based medicine to bring you personalized programs that transcend the norm.  To say our programs are comprehensive would be an oversimplification.  

We believe the questions we ask are infinitely more powerful than our current answers, so asking “How Good Can I Be?” and “How Do I Live Young for a Lifetime?’ informs everything we do at Gladden Longevity. This inquiry opens the door to unlimited potential and provides the foundation for all our testing, treatments, strategic interventions, and cutting-edge therapies. 

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Overview of Testing Categories:

Example Therapies + Strategic Interventions:

"How Do I Live Young for a Lifetime?"

Yearly Membership for Peak Performance

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that defies the constraints of time? Look no further than our exclusive yearly membership program, “How Do I Live Young for a Lifetime?” From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll immerse yourself in an environment pulsating with innovation, growth, and boundless possibilities. With extended access to our dedicated team, your experience will not only meet but exceed your highest expectations.

  • Experience the forefront of innovation with the latest medical advancements and state-of-the-art technologies, enabling peak performance and optimal well-being.


  • Enjoy extensive in-person support and systematically complete evaluations through multiple visits to the clinic throughout the year, ensuring close monitoring of your progress and allowing adjustments to your custom GL Action Plan.


  • Contribute to breakthroughs in the field of longevity medicine with priority access to pioneering research studies and novel therapies that further enhance your ageless potential.


  • Realize the benefits of continuous, personalized clinical, nutrition, performance, lifestyle, and environmental coaching, keeping you firmly on the path to lifelong youthfulness.


Designed with the age hacker in mind, “How Do I Live Young for a Lifetime” yearly membership offers unparalleled access to expert resources, cutting-edge technologies, and personalized support to help you exceed your life energy, longevity, health, and performance goals. 


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"How Do I Live Young?"

6-Month Personalized Longevity Program

Do you want to unlock the secrets of living young? Immerse yourself in the Gladden Longevity “How Do I Live Young?” 6-month membership, a personalized and comprehensive program designed to guide you towards your fullest potential.

  • Collaborate with the GL Team to design your custom evaluation and uncover the intricacies of your unique aging process through our proprietary Mosaic of Ages scorecard.


  • Experience the tailored benefits of a GL Action plan that leverages innovative therapies and cutting-edge technologies based on your personalized findings.


  • Enjoy monthly clinical consultations with unwavering support and coaching to track your progress, optimize your nutrition, and enhance your performance and lifestyle choices.


Ideal for those who desire to experience youthful living but may not be ready to commit to a year-long program, “How Do I Live Young?” serves as the perfect entry point into the world-class benefits of a Gladden Longevity membership. It offers a taste of the powerful transformation that awaits, providing you with the opportunity to begin unlocking your boundless potential now.

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"How Young Am I?"

Your Ageless Introduction

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will change your perspective on aging? Welcome to “How Young Am I?”, our introductory program to ageless living.

  • Enjoy a one-time foundational evaluation at the Gladden Longevity Clinic + Advanced Performance Center, personally designed for you by the GL Team.


  • Experience a comprehensive Revelation of Results, outlining key findings and areas in need of optimization.


  • Leverage your GL Action Plan and the essential recommendations and therapies to proactively launch your journey towards vitality.


“How Young Am I?” is tailor-made for those new to longevity medicine providing answers to the question of your current health status and offering customized treatments and strategic therapies to help you lead a more youthful, vibrant life.

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"How Do I Fix My __?"

Focused Optimization for a Specific Health Concern

Do you find yourself grappling with an acute health condition that eludes conventional medicine’s answers? If so, ‘How Do I Fix My ___?’ might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Our suite of specialized programs takes a deep dive into the root causes of your specific health issue and provides a comprehensive treatment program aimed at correcting imbalances and restoring your well-being.

Choose from a range of programs designed to address diverse health concerns, including:

With ‘How Do I Fix My ___?’, you can finally take proactive steps towards resolving your health condition and achieving a healthier, more balanced life.

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Brain Frequency Therapy

Harness Your Brain's Potential for Optimal Wellness

At Gladden Longevity, we recognize the significance of nurturing both the body and the mind for overall well-being. Introducing Brain Frequency Therapy, a pioneering approach to enhancing cognitive function and mental clarity. Our innovative techniques utilize brainwave frequencies to promote relaxation, focus, and rejuvenation. Experience the transformative benefits of Brain Frequency Therapy and embark on a journey towards a sharper, more vibrant mind with Gladden Longevity.

Brain frequency treatments could provide several potential benefits including: