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Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden MD, FACC

Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden MD, FACC is a distinguished authority in the field of longevity and preventive medicine. As the founder and medical director of Gladden Longevity + Advanced Performance Center, an esteemed clinic located in Dallas, Texas, he is dedicated to optimizing life energy, longevity, health, and performance.


Dr. Gladden graduated with Honors in Medicine from Temple University and built a distinguished career as an interventional cardiologist, making significant contributions across various cardiology domains. However, his path took a transformative turn in his mid-50s when confronted with his own health challenges.

Refusing to accept a diagnosis of “You’re just getting old, take an anti-depressant””, he embarked on a personal quest to unravel the mysteries of ageless living. Through a unique blend of pioneering research, ancient wisdom, and cutting-edge technologies, Dr. Gladden is passionately dedicated to uncovering the keys to Living Young for a Lifetime™.”

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Gladden leads an active life, embracing adventures in surfing, biking, hiking, snowboarding, and playing the guitar, all while cherishing invaluable moments with loved ones.

Achievements and Impact:

Renowned founder and CEO of Gladden Longevity.

Host of The Gladden Longevity Podcast.

Author of “100 is the New 30” and advocate for ageless living. 

Expert in longevity medicine, health optimization and human performance.

Notable Conversations:

Dr. Gladden engages in thought-provoking conversations on topics that include:

  • The Hero’s Journey: How to “Live Young for a Lifetime”
  • Age Hacking: Redefining aging to make 100 the new 30.
  • Youthful Revival: Exploring the science behind rejuvenation.
  • Energy Beyond Mid-Life: How to maintain youthful energy.
  • Reverse Your Biological Clock: Insights into reversing biological age.
  • Self-Inquiry: Harnessing the power of questions beyond current answers. 

Key Topics:

Dr. Gladden addresses key topics, such as:

  • Exploring the deeper dimensions of longevity medicine, beyond integrative and functional medicine.
  • Emphasizing the vital role of life energy in the aging process.
  • Unpacking the hallmarks of aging for better understanding.
  • Highlighting pioneering advancements in human regeneration.
  • Decoding “Age- Hacking” and providing strategies for staying youthful.
  • Investigating the “Mosaic of Ages” and offering insights beyond biological or epigenetic age.
  • Challenging the conventional notion of aging as a linear process and offering exponential strategies for vitality.
  • Orchestrating a long and vibrant life with the symphony of longevity.

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