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A Major Tool in Cracking the Code of Aging & Youthfulness – Episode 169

Do you know that personalized solutions are more precise and targeted and offer direct mediation? Do you need insights about dealing with cancer? Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Steve Reiter and John Catanzaro in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. John Catanzaro is the CEO, Founder, and Product Development Officer of Neo7Bioscience, a precision/personalized molecular design biotech company.  He retired from clinical practice in 2017, where he was the Founder and CEO of a cancer institute and research development of genetic and proteomic technology innovating patient-precision genetically matched immunopeptides.  He is the co-inventor of a precision augmentation platform known as PBIMA. The platform includes multiomic / proteomic sequencing and prediction, CRISPR prime editing features, and proteomics in a 3D integration utilizing unified proprietary mapping informatics and computation, superior ranking, and selection architecture. In this episode, they talk about the hidden root cause that creates disharmony in the body, the importance of a complete molecular assessment, and why individualized therapeutic solutions using peptides are the way to go. Do you know that individualized health is the root of resilience and longevity? Are you interested in decoding and measuring again? Listen to find out more. 

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden comments that this is one of the most forward-looking podcasts they have ever done. (1:04) 

Dr. Gladden shares how excited he is for John to join him and welcomes him to the show. (3:00) 

John explains how they isolate a patient’s protein. (5:02) 

John speaks about how protein signals are captured by doing in-depth analysis. (7:02) 

John clarifies how deep learning, AI, and machine learning are used to make sense of large amounts of data. (9:15) 

John breaks down how they are turning the complexities found in disease pathways into viable solutions. (12:30) 

Dr. Gladden asks about how peptides work and how they affect cancers. (15:50) 

Dr. Gladden notes that John seems to be coaching cancer cells to become non-cancer cells. (17:26) 

John advocates that you can combine your treatment strategies with other solutions. (19:50) 

Dr. Gladden talks about peptides and how they are combined with other molecules that enable them to function better. (23:50) 

John sheds light why peptides are so powerful as they attack the resistance element of the environment. (25:35) 

John reveals that for generation one, they had over fifty-five percent response in getting tumors reduced. (29:50) 

Dr. Gladden discloses the importance of arresting or attacking cancers early and how it is a great strategy. (31:55) 

Dr. Gladden presents that the medicine of the future is really about looking at treatments through three different strata. (33:20) 

John says that if you allow things to smother, they will become a raging fire. (35:18) 

John expresses that the hallmarks of disease and the hallmarks of aging share a certain interface. (37:00) 

Dr. Gladden is super excited that we can take a look at what is happening in the background as different solutions are tested or used in combating aging (43:20) 

Dr. Gladden states that aging is not linear and does not happen in a smooth line but comes in waves. (47:10) 

John says that if you want to influence whether a person is healthy, you have to have an intelligent molecular analysis to see where the trouble codes are and address them. (50:49) 

John explains that to benefit from the treatments available, you don’t have to pay all at once. (54:00) 

Dr. Gladden thanks John for coming on the show. (56:10)

To learn more about John Catanzaro’s work and Neo7, check out the following: 


Contact: (619) 850-1610 



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