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A Sneak Peek Into What Dr. Gladden Is Working On – Episode 128

On this podcast, Dr. Jeffery Gladden talks about a trial that will start as a possible first trial to show that aging can be reversed. The name of this trial is Life Energy Resilience and Antifragility Trial (LIFE-RAFT). He talks about how life energy is the basis for optimizing performance and longevity. Focusing on things in the life energy cycle like having a growth mindset, optimizing mental health, feeling loved, optimizing relational health, optimizing spiritual health, optimizing wisdom, and feeling safe is an excellent foundation to build on. He also talks about how human resilience is exponentially reduced over time and the meaning of anti-fragility.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden talks about ongoing research that shows that if we increase NAD, we can get mice to become younger (1:25)

Dr. Gladden mentions how we don’t have everything figured out and how there is so much for us to understand (2:47)

Dr. Gladden mentions how not giving love or receiving love hurts our biology (4:25)

Dr. Gladden sheds light on the importance of feeling joy, optimizing spiritual and physical health (5:55)

Dr. Gladden talks about how our past and background affect us and make us live in reaction instead of living from our true sense of self (7:22)

Dr. Gladden also goes on to explain the point you need to reach to find a sense of purpose (9:40)

Dr. Gladden mentions a fact about how our resilience gets cut in half every eight years (10:25)

Dr. Gladden talks about the word fragile, how antifragile seems to be the best opposite, and the definition of anti-fragile (11:45)

LIFE-RAFT is the acronym for the trial (13:16)

Dr. Gladden says the trial will be a year-long protocol that would involve working on all the nine hallmarks of aging (15:20)

Dr. Gladden talks about how mitochondrial dysfunction is linked to deregulated nutrient sensing (18:03)

Dr. Gladden talks about the available technology to deal with senescence (19:19)

Dr. Gladden talks about how the LIFE-RAFT trial will be focused on the key drivers of aging. (21:48)

Dr. Gladden talks about how the LIFE-RAFT trial will soon be submitted to the IRB (23:20)

Dr. Gladden says the LIFE-RAFT trial would be starting with about twenty people (26:03)

Dr. Gladden says that the cost for the LIFE-RAFT trial would be custom-built for each individual (27:00)


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