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Coronavirus: The Truth Exposed – Episode 82

On the exciting and informative episode of Living Beyond 120, Dr. Gladden and Dr. Young would like to welcome special guests Chris Howard, Ph.D (bio-chemistry) and Lynn Howard MD (specializing in pathogenic microbiology and infectious diseases) to  the show to reveal the truth about the COVID 19 virus.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

The show begins with the discussion about people fearing the Coronavirus and the misinformation that they have been receiving to make them feel this way.

Next, they move on to the topic of the faulty testing that is being used to diagnose those with the virus.  They cover how the current testing used gives a positive result for the virus when, if fact, the person being tested has nothing more that the common cold – leading to extremely inaccurate COVID case numbers.

The discussion shifts to explain how a person’s natural immune system’s T-cells are fully capable of eradicating the virus without having to have the body develop anti-bodies.

They then discuss the reality that masks are basically ineffective; wearing them is nothing more than a symbolic gesture that we are all in this together.  They are basically as effective as using a chain link fence to keep mosquito’s out of your yard.

They go on to explore the development of a vaccine and if it will be effective.  In addition, they go on to discuss the possibility of the virus disappearing before a vaccine is available.


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