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Financially Living Beyond 120 – Episode 109

Chris Doughty is the founder of Gentian Financial Inc., a comprehensive private wealth management practice that specializes in retirement planning for select clientele. As a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, he has in-depth knowledge of what individuals face when planning for a meaningful retirement. On this episode, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden from Gladden Longevity, and Dr. Mark Young talk with Chris about finance and how to set yourself up well to live beyond 120, the mindset shift that comes with this, and how to build a durable and antifragile financial strategy. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

  • The tip of the day, which touches on emotional intimacy and sexuality within a romantic relationship (1:45);
  • A little bit about Chris, his firm, Gentian Financial, the typical financial and retirement plan, and the paradigm shift that comes with living beyond 120 (15:10);
  • How to break barriers and expand the future of financial planning (19:16);
  • The difference between a job and a vocation, and how Chris uses a long-term vocational approach in his planning, rather than a short-term retirement approach (22:05);
  • How those who are on the trajectory to live to 120 and beyond should handle their finances (24:17);
  • Different questions to ask to help you identify what your passions are and identify your long-term vocation (25:36);
  • The state of the world financially and what we should be looking at for the long-term, including cryptocurrency, stocks, private investments, and life insurance (27:12);
  • The importance of evaluating the cost of your lifestyle and planning accordingly (32:36); 
  • What is a durable, antifragile strategy, and what it means to build purpose with your investments (35:21);
  • The importance of investing in your health, especially if you are planning on living longer (40:32);
  • What retirement is and how you can look at it as transitioning to your next vocation (43:33);
  • The beauty of having your health, mental clarity, and longevity, and how it gives you the ability to do different things and transition from one vocation to another (45:03);
  • Identifying the things that are meaningful to you and what those passions are (46:10);
  • The number one mindset shift is having gratitude (50:25);
  • Having the willingness to take risks in order to pursue something you are passionate about and brings you joy (51:59);
  • Social security and when you should pull it if you have the mindset of living beyond 120 (55:15);
  • The possibility of means-testing and unrealized gains taxing (57:34); 
  • The pros and cons of building up assets to leave to the next generation (59:56);
  • The surge in the number of 40-year-old and 50-year-olds “retiring” and transitioning to another vocation (1:06:26);
  • Dr. Gladden’s final thoughts on today’s show (1:08:24);
  • A metaphor shared by Dr. Mark Young (1:09:07); 

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