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From DNA to Disease-Free: The Genomic Path to Preventative Medicine – Episode 227

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity podcast, and in this episode, Dr. Gladden speaks with Sharon Hausman: Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of IntellxxDNA. With over 25 years in integrative medicine, Dr. Hausman-Cohen co-authored publications on genomics and pioneered a clinical decision support tool. Designed to address gaps in medical practice, IntellxxDNA promotes true root-cause medicine. Dr. Hausman-Cohen’s commitment to cognitive decline research is evident in its involvement in cutting-edge studies. Tune in for insights into genomics, medical mysteries, and the pursuit of longevity. For more resources, visit, featuring an exclusive conversation with Dr. Dale Bredesen on longevity. Welcome to Gladden Longevity, where health meets innovation! Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen, CMO of IntellxxDNA, highlighted three key points in the episode. First, she emphasized that DNA serves as a user manual, not a predetermined destiny. Understanding genetic variants is crucial for personalized health strategies. Second, the discussion distinguished between genes and SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), emphasizing the importance of specific variants. Third, Dr. Hausman-Cohen pointed out the abundance of supplements and foods available, noting that genomics enables a precise approach to health optimization. The key takeaway is that there’s no universal path to longevity; personalized knowledge about one’s genetics empowers individuals to optimize their health.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

Dr. Gladden introduces a guest who is a pioneer in the space of functional medicine. (00:50)

Dr. Gladden embraces the concept of doing hard things to get into a higher flow state. (03:07)

Nobody has perfect genetics. (6:35)

Alicia tries to list what consumer tests are designed for databases and not so much for health. (10:12)

Dr. Gladden reveals that he uses IntellexDNA for all his clients. (12:40)

Direct-to-consumer tools may need more accuracy, especially for health and complex genetic information. (09:46)

Transitioned from research to precision medical practice. (15:45)

Alicia speaks about recognizing she could not do some practices by hand. (17:00)

There are genes linked to brain inflammation.(20:53)

Hormone receptors are super important for cognition. (24:30)

Doing things that are absolutely demanding is essential for health. (27:50)

When we attack inflammation and oxidative stress, it helps everyone. (30:17)

People who have the lowest clotho have a higher chance of dying before seventy-five.  (37:30)

Genomics is not just for people having cognitive decline. (41:30)

To work on improving your health you need to be working with a person that is looking at all the factors. (45:30)

The game change is able to untangle people with pain or brain fog. (50:00)

One thing that keeps Alicia up at night is how to get doctors excited so they do a little bit of learning for many rewards. (55:15)

Alicia would love to be celebrating a people becoming healthier. (1:00:34)

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