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Functional medicine and how it helps optimize health – Episode 133

In this episode, Dr. Jeffery Gladden discusses with Dian Ginsberg MD, who has years of
experience providing comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology treatment and is a functional
medicine physician. They talk about young plasma, young plasma transfusion, and the various
benefits. Dr. Ginsberg has a special interest in functional medicine and how it helps minimize severe symptoms and optimize health. She is the author of The PCOS Environmental Roadmap. Rectangularization of aging is her passion. She is faculty at the American Academy of Anti-Aging, where she lectured about bio-identical hormone replacement and telomeres (DNA caps) and how instrumental their preservation is for ongoing health.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden introduces Dr. Ginsberg and gives an overview of their discussions (1:00)

Dr. Ginsberg introduces herself and how she got to start doing what she does today. She mentions how her transition to the functional space came from her kids and how she brought it into her Obgyn to help others. (2:59)

Dr. Ginsberg mentioned how about three to four years ago, her patient decided to be involved in the longevity space and look at what younger factors could to the aging process. This led to them getting involved with a lab that collected plasma with young factors. (4:55)

Dr. Ginsberg talks about how the lab they connected with was already using young plasma to randomly do a whole bunch of things. Dr. Gladden also mentions how sex/gender and blood groups are essential when using plasma. (6:35)

Dr. Ginsberg mentions how plasma is used and what quantity is run into the recipient. She talks about how they started with a liter of plasma. Dr. Ginsberg also says running it very slowly helps them avoid problems and complications. The liter of plasma, as she mentioned, is usually infused in two to three hours, giving the body time to process it. (8:00)

Dr. Ginsberg mentions that she is into the research aspects of plasma transfusion. She notes that as the research started to come out, people are becoming more receptive to using plasma transfusion. (10:32)

Dr. Gladden mentions a study on Parkinson’s done at Stanford, and Dr. Ginsberg responds that plasma is safe for people. (13:54)

Dr. Gladden explains what Parkinson’s disease is all about and mentions how it affects the brain and has systemic components. Dr. Ginsberg also notes how the improvement and benefits of plasma transfusion are measured. (16:12)

Dr. Gladden speaks about his approach at Gladden Longevity and how albums are used. He also talks about removing the old stuff and putting in the young stuff. ( 19:30)

Dr. Ginsberg talks about her present focus with respect to young plasma and mentions that we don’t know the answers to what is best. (21:00)

Dr. Ginsberg mentions the arrays of tests and perspectives that she considers to give her an accurate picture of what is best. (22:50)

Dr. Gladden mentions that there is a stress to undergoing the procedure and mentions some of the things they follow with people they work with. (25:35)

Dr. Ginsberg talks about the safety of the plasma transfusion process, the basic screening, and other tests are done. (26:49)
Dr. Ginsberg talks about the immune system and how powerful it is, HLA typing, and how the body reacts to a foreign substance. (28:00)

Dr. Ginsberg talks about some of the studies they are involved in and what they focus on with respect to plasma transfusion. (32:00)

Dr. Ginsberg mentions that eating right and exercising are great, but it’s important to put young factors back in. (36:10)

Dr. Ginsberg mentions how the body has a cost of doing business and how cleaning the old stuff out and putting in something new is essential. Dr. Gladden also mentions how aging drivers are compounding on themselves. (38:35)

Dr. Ginberg mentions one of the reasons why she finds plasma transfusion interesting and that it is a perfect mixture. (40:05)

Dr. Gladden talks about oxytocin and how isolation affects older people. (42:18)
Dr.Ginsberg mentions that they have two sites where people are being enrolled. (44:08)

Dr. Ginsberg mentions her three takeaways for listeners. The first is to do what you can control and do what you can and maintain it every day. Number two is to get good testing as you grow older and do your bio-individual testing. Level three is to listen to expert advice religiously.

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