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How to Detox: Intracellular Health Secrets – Episode 230

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

Dr. Gladden says the conversation with Jeff was a fascinating one.  (00:55)

In quantum thinking, all things are possible. (3:26)

Dr. Gladden asked Jeff to share how he got into the health space. (5:22)

Jeff shares that he wanted to see how the world works. (7:18)

Dr. Gladden reveals how he went to Case Western, among other options. (9:45)

Steve asks Jeff what biomagnetism is all about. (11:44)

Dr Gladden asked Jeff to talk about oligoscan. (14:30)

When people go on crash diets, they get toxic and feel pretty terrible because they are releasing toxins into the bloodstream. (16:57)

Jeff recollects the first time he scanned himself using a technology his dad brought home. (19:10)

Dr. Gladden mentions using oligoscan at a Radfest meeting earlier. (22:17)

Jeff gives an example of a patient with high antimony due to drinking from plastic regularly. (24:30)

Jeff believes the sauna is great and one of the excellent healing modalities. (27:51)

Dr. Gladden asks Jeff about the number of elements they are currently testing. (30:40)

Jeff notes that right now, most people have a magnesium deficiency. (34:10)

Antiperspirant blocks the lymphatic system. (37:25)

The body loves variety and nutrient density. (42:34)

Jeff answers the question about what we will do differently in two to five from now. (45:56)

Some toxins can get stuck into the structure of the body. (45:31)

Dr. Gladden shares about Heliocare. (51:30)

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