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Is this how you’re going to stress less and increase your resilience? – Episode 151

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden as he chats with Dr. Jay Wiles, an international speaker, scientist, clinician, influencer, and subject-matter expert and authority on the interconnection between the human stress response and health performance/optimization. Dr. Wiles is a clinical health and performance psychologist with board certification in heart rate variability biofeedback and peripheral biofeedback and works as a leading consultant in psychophysiology to health influencers, professional athletes and teams, executives, and high performers. He is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Hanu Health. In this episode, they talk about stress, measuring HRV, biofeedback, resonance breathing, and HRV Biofeedback. Are all breathwork practices created equally? Do you know the importance of increasing self-awareness and self-regulation? Listen to hear more. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred, the new thirty, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden introduces the importance of mitigating stress. (1:00) 

Jay retells how he got into what he presently does. (1:17) 

Dr. Gladden mentions that Jay is a clinical psychologist focused on optimal brain function. (3:33) 

Jay mentions how individuals want some objective level of measurement. (5:10) 

Jay explains how he helps players get into a flow state and helps them understand what their biology is and what is going on within their biology under different stress conditions. (7:00) 

Jay clarifies how respiratory rate can go way down in stressful situations. (9:20) 

Dr. Gladden asks about how Hanu is worn. (10:58) 

Jay talks about how there are normative measurements for heart rate variability. (13:18) 

Jay elaborates on how they are trying to integrate biofeedback and breathwork practice. (15:40) 

Dr. Gladden adds how touch is vital in soothing the nervous system. (17:13) 

Dr. Gladden questions Jay about the specific kind of feedback he is talking about, and Jay states the specific biofeedback that they’re using. (19:08) 

Dr. Gladden clarifies that if you use the device, they are basically going to dial in your breathing rate to a point where you are optimizing your heart rate variability. (22:08) 

Jay explains what a meditator’s peak is all about. (25:23) 

When we can present and show people objectively physiological data, it becomes better encoded with the brain. Jay shares why he loves the biofeedback. (27:15) 

Dr. Gladden mentions that one of the most important things you need to know about is the level of stress your activities are putting you through and what you can do to balance it. (29:05) 

Dr. Gladden argues that all stressors can be devolved into whether we feel safe or not. (31:20) 

Dr. Gladden breaks down how it’s possible to give yourself safety even in unsafe situations. (33:47) 

Dr. Gladden adds how feeling calm and safe affects your entire life.  (35:07) 

Dr. Gladden talks about the four circles he works with in Gladden Longevity. (37:05) 

Dr. Gladden shares how being single is equivalent to smoking cigarettes and its effects on longevity. (39:24) 

Jay comments how we are responsible for our mental health. (41:05) 

Dr. Gladden states that the best muscle we can build is how the psyche works and how we can control it. (43:10) 

Jay gives an example of working with a professional and how they watched what happened to his heart rate variability and how it changed. (45:03) 

Jay outlines how learning to regulate your heart rate variability can significantly increase your performance. (47:03) 

Jay mentions that the Hanu is fully waterproof and has a battery life of four hundred and fifty hours. (50:10) 

Jay mentions how the device can capture movement data. (52:50) 

Jay reveals that they are doing a full certification course for any health coach who wants to integrate the Hanu device into their coaching (54:25) 

To learn more or reach out to Jay and/or Hanu: 

Instagram; Twitter; Facebook: @hanuhealth @Dr. Jay T. Wiles 


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