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National Kidney Month – Episode 232

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity Podcast, where hosts Steve Reiter and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden explore cutting-edge research, insights, and advice on longevity, health, and human performance. In this episode, titled “Protecting Vulnerable Kidneys,” Dr. Gladden delves into his personal journey with kidney health. He emphasizes the importance of kidney function and offers practical tips for maintaining and enhancing it. From the role of nutrition and supplements to advancements in medical procedures, this episode provides valuable insights into kidney health and detoxification. Tune in for a comprehensive discussion on key strategies to support kidney function and overall longevity, just in time for National Kidney Month in March.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

 Another session of Q & A with Dr. Gladden. (0:38)

 Dr. Gladden speaks of how bacteria attacked his kidneys. (1:45)

 People of African descent tend to have more muscle mass. (2:50)

 Dr. Gladden mentions some markers of kidney function. (4:13)

Steve asks what Dr. Gladden has done or is doing to deal with kidney damage. (7:15)

Dr. Gladden shares his observation about how our mind responds to a kind of physiology. (9:29)

What Dr. Gladden focuses on to healing and caring for his kidneys. (11:25)

When you eat protein all the time, you are activating mTOR.  (13:11)

Over ninety percent of the amino acid goes into building protein. (15:37)

Going for surgery to have a bypass is traumatic for the kidney. (18:35)

You must be careful with imaging procedures if you have kidney issues. (21:05)

They review how AI helps predict kidney failure and who is at risk. (24:45)

Vigorous exercise where you sweat is really good. (26:20)

If you have bad kidneys, what you want to do is take care of your blood vessels. (28:15)

Food actually modulates genetic expression. (30:45)

There is no one diet for everybody. (32:30)

Mindless eating increases calorie intake. (35:25)

Dr. Gladden highlights the usefulness of spirulina and chlorella.  (38:40)

Dr. Gladden loves interacting with listeners. (40:00)

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