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Quantum Healing Unveiled – Episode 225

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and John Lieurance! Dr. John A. Lieurance, ND, DC, DABCN, is a seasoned author, physician, lecturer, and scientific advisor with a profound focus on vitality, longevity, and enhanced consciousness. Having battled severe illnesses like Lyme, EBV, and Mold illness, his personal journey led him to identify Melatonin as a core antioxidant supporting holistic health. Driven by the philosophy of “The three legs of a stool” — Vitality, Mind Mastery, and a Direct experience of God — he combines science and ancient wisdom to become the best version of himself. With degrees from Parker College of Chiropractic and St. Luke’s School of Medicine, Dr. John has practiced Functional Neurology, Naturopathic medicine, and Regenerative Medicine for 25 years. As the founder of the Advanced Rejuvenation Center in Sarasota, Florida, he pioneers unique healing methods, exploring innovative approaches such as Melatonin, Methylene Blue, NAD+, and various delivery systems like suppositories and nasal sprays. His clinical expertise spans mold illness, Lyme disease, chronic viral infections, and regenerative therapies, making him a trailblazer in the healthcare world. In this episode, they discuss psycho-spiritual growth and psychedelics and share other interesting insights.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

Discussing mitochondrial health, sleep, melatonin, and more. (00:10)

Dr. Gladden welcomes everyone to the special edition of the podcast. (1:50)

Dr. Gladden welcomes John back to the podcast. (3:00)

John explains that the ego is a much better servant than a master. (5:01)

Our brains create reality, and thoughts aren’t always true. (6:00)

 John shares his observation about how the bible has been changed and bastardized (8:45)

The universe only knows abundance. (10:03)

Dr. Gladden details healing trauma, unraveling the knot, and achieving transcendence. (11:28)

Dr. Gladden reveals what he meditates and focuses on. (14:07)

John recollects how amazing he felt just doing intense breathwork. (16:45)

John observes that we have this drive to avoid fear. (19:05)

Fear of annihilation is linked to the ego’s survival. (22:25)

John describes vitality, identity, and divinity. (24:26)

I am a child of God and worthy to be loved. (26:25)

Dr. Gladden reveals how film plots show a desire for freedom and liberation. (28:16)

Breath work impacts fear sensors and behavior. (33:38)

Breathwork is about opening a door and stepping on hurdles that have been on your way. (38:15)

Embracing possibilities beyond binary thinking and fear. (40:05)

Concern about AI takeover and its consequences. (43:45)

Anti-technology and AI movement and their influence on the future. (47:09)

We must be grateful for Earth’s transient beauty and experiences and the ability to enjoy it daily. (49:44)

Dr. Gladden thanked John for the show. (53:07)

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