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Sporebiotics: A Better Approach To Gut Health & Wellness? – Episode 135

Join Dr. Gladden and Tina Anderson on this conversation about spore-based probiotics and their ability to rehab your overall health by targeting the bacteria in your gut. Tina Anderson, formerly a lawyer, used to work in the pharmaceutical industry before finding out that it wasn’t the best way for her to help people and change their lives. After a harsh revelation during the peak of their careers, Tina and her husband pivoted to the world of natural and progressive health, and disease prevention. As a result of their discovery, they created a unique supplement with superior probiotic strains, giving birth to Just Thrive. These spore-based practitioner grade probiotics are the product that Tina and her husband created to help you take control of your health and change your life. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

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Show Notes:

01:10 Dr. Gladden tells us what’s exciting about this episode and the things we will come to understand. 

02:10 Dr. Gladden introduces Tina Anderson. 

03:20 Tina shares her story: the journey to the world of probiotics. 

04:15 We get an insight into the abuses in the pharmaceutical industry. 

04:53 Tina tells us the Sales Representative anecdote that really made them pivot from the pharmaceutical industry in the midst of a high point in her and her husband’s careers. 

06:47 We learn about the day the opportunity to create Just Thrive presented itself for Tina and her husband. 

08:16 Tina lets us in on her biggest motivation. 

08:45 Tina explains why her husband was seeing a naturopath at that time. Was someone in the family experiencing gut issues? 

09:59 We are introduced to spore-based probiotics and what’s special about them. 

10:48 Tina explains what is the biggest difference between spore-based probiotics and regular probiotics. 

10:58 Dr. Gladden explains that dead bacteria can also have an effect on our guts but live bacteria could, theoretically, be better. 

11:25 Tina elaborates on what spore probiotics do that other probiotics can’t do. 

12:08 Tina talks about a gut model study where they confirmed a 30% favorable shift in the microbiome after 2 weeks on it. 

13:04 Dr. Gladden explains that there is no “normal” gut biome. 

14:08 We find out how exactly are these spores modulating the gut biome. 

14:25 Tina makes a very good analogy where our gut is a garden and sporebiotics are the gardener and not just new seeds, as a way to differentiate them and their effects from those of regular probiotics. Are new seeds enough? Or do we need a gardener? 

15:15 Tina also clarifies a big distinction in the colonization period of spore-based probiotics vs non-spore probiotics. 

15:41 Dr. Gladden explains the concept of spores and asks how they work in this context. 

16:57 Tina talks about a study where they measured the spores antibiotic survival capabilities. 

17:16 Dr. Gladden elaborates on how antibiotics alter the gut biome. 

17:54 Tina explains that spore probiotics can rehab AND maintain our health. 

19:05 Dr. Gladden asks if sporebiotics can repair leaky-gut. Tina goes on to describe just how impressive is the level of restoration spores can achieve, proved by a double-blinded study that was performed. 

21:31 Tina gives a better understanding of how exponentially detrimental leaky-gut can be to our health with a helpful leaky faucet comparison. 

22:03 Dr. Gladden explains that the body is not built to be fragile but it has a threshold, resulting in people living with issues they don’t know they have which are driving their inflammation levels up and accelerating aging. 

22:30 Tina lists a number of issues and disorders that are stemming from the gut, although we don’t associate them with it. 

24:05 Tina describes the spore-based probiotics success with bloating issues, diarrhea, and constipation. 

24:40 Tina explains that our gut is foundational for our health and how it is the starting point of general wellness. 

25:26 Dr.Gladden asks about using spore-based probiotics with antibiotics to decrease the negative effects of the latter, like induced diarrhea. Tina talks about a study that proved the spores effectiveness with this, and survivability to the strongest antibiotics. 

26:31 How is it helping people’s brain function? 

27:00 Tina lists all the brain hormones that are produced in our gut. 

27:17 Tina introduces the psychobiotic! 

28:02 Tina tells us about other offenders of brain health that the psychobiotic is also helping with. 

28:44 Dr. Gladden introduces the topic of probiotic cocktails. 

29:17  Tina explains why a cocktail makes much more sense than just taking one probiotic. 

30:27 Dr. Gladden inquires about what’s on the drawing board for Just Thrive. 

31:35 Tina explains that they’re only focused on bringing what’s truly missing in the market and how they want to make an impact by providing what’s needed and what’s best. 

32:18 Dr. Gladden asks what kind of conditions/disorders they’re targeting with the psychobiotic. 

32:47 Tina explains how the psychobiotic targets not only certain disorders but specifically works to improve cognitive function too. 

33:09 How quickly does this psychobiotic work? 

34:04 Tina gives her recommendations for us to take action in favor of our longevity. 

34:49 Dr. G explains how fasting acts as a workout for our gut biome. 

35:09 Tina tells us the number of hours it would be beneficial to fast for and how to get there. 

36:10 Tina shares which probiotics she takes right now. 

36:44 Dr. Gladden talks about how he tries not to buy the same thing twice when he’s doing his grocery shopping, and Tina explains how having a diverse microbiome is the key to being healthy. 

39:04 Tina explains what is the key difference between their spore-based probiotics and all the other probiotics that are now coming into the market. 

40:03 Dr. Gladden and Tina tell us how we can get a hold of the direct to consumer bio equivalent version of practitioner grade spore-based probiotics through Just Thrive. 

41:13 Tina gives out the Just Thrive’s website address: ( to get these sporebiotics with a 20% discount. 

41:55 Dr. Gladden and Tina Anderson say goodbye. 

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