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Supergut Secrets: Keep Your Gut Young for a Lifetime – Episode 194

Is the gut the command center of the entire body? Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Dr. Marc Washington in this episode of the Age Hackers Podcast. Marc Washington is the Founder and CEO of Supergut. His background spans a wide variety of leading consumer health businesses, including serving as the CEO of Irwin Naturals, a $100M+ supplement company and leading producer of soft-gel herbal formulas sold in over 90,000 retail outlets; President and COO of Beachbody, a $1B+ fitness and nutrition company with products including Shakeology health shakes, P90X, and the Beachbody-on-Demand digital platform; and working nine years at The Wonderful Co., a $4B agriculture and food & beverage holding company, where he served in a variety of roles including CFO (corporate), EVP Sales (Teleflora), and Director of Strategy and Operations (FIJI Water). Marc’s deep experience in the wellness industry inspired him to found Supergut to help people regain control of their health by harnessing the powerful science of the gut biome. Marc holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS from Princeton University. This episode discusses gut health, how it is misunderstood, how most popular interventions miss the mark, and how consuming enough prebiotic fiber is key. Why are popular gut health interventions limited in their efficacy?  

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and Living Young for a Lifetime! 


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Show Notes:

Steve starts out by saying he is excited to have Marc on the show because he likes the products. (0:30) 
Dr. Gladden asks Steve what is going on for him. (1:28) 
Marc Washington, the founder of SuperGut, joins the show. (3:07) 
Marc said football was the sport he loved and stuck with the most. (4:31) 
Marc’s first job was with McKinsey and Company, then joined the Wonderful Company and worked at Beach Body. Then personal tragedy inspired starting own company focused on gut health. (06:29) 
Dr. Gladden wanted to know how Marc got into starting his own company. (8:21) 
Marc shares how the death of his sister spurred him to start over again. (10:21) 
Marc asserts the gut microbiome is about whole-body health. (12:28) 
Marc shares the effect of hypertension and cholesterol on health and how many indicators are going in the wrong direction. (15:04) 
Marc affirms that most people think of probiotics when they think about gut health. (17:43) 
Prebiotics nourish beneficial gut bacteria for health. (20:59) 
Marc is certain that high-sugar diets are bad for your overall health. (23:41) 
Dr. Gladden says they have a very sophisticated program to train the taste buds and brain to be able to get people off some things they are used to. (26:28) 
Dr. Gladden asserts that the prebiotic approach validates gut health benefits and microbiome. (28:47) 
Marc explains how his company is focused on fiber and probiotics and how they are crucial for gut health. (30:33) 
Marc speaks about the lack of fiber as one of the main causes of the deplorable state of health around the country. (32:00) 
Marc goes into the different sources of resistant starches. (33:48) 
Marc notes importantly that not everyone is going to get all benefits from all implications. (35:39) 
Dr. Gladden wants everyone to know that post-biotics are really interesting too. (37:10) 
Dr. Gladden cites how Marc’s passion led to the creation of consumable products. (39:11) 
Steve shares his experience taking the product and how his bowel movements have been more frequent. (41:52) 
Steve gives examples of how the product helped him deal with his spikes. (43:30) 
Marc speaks of testimonials of clients that have had fantastic results with the Supergut and GLP-1. (45:20) 
Dr. Gladden thanks Marc. (47:33) 

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