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Tapping into the Energy of the Body – a Conversation with Denie Hiestand – Episode 46

On this episode of Living Beyond 120, Mark and Dr. Gladden are joined by natural health consultant Denie Hiestand to discuss the energy present in the body. They start the show by discussing further evidence on the benefits of meditation on the brain, based on a recent study.

Expanding on the notion of the body as a brain, they consider the electromagnetic fields of the body and how we can use this to promote health and wellness. Denie brings a number of personal stories about his perception of body energy and how he has used this to help people throughout his life.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

About the guest:

Denie Hiestand is a natural health consultant. He was born June 8, 1949, on a dairy farm in Taranaki, New Zealand, to Swiss immigrant parents.

The early part of Hiestand’s life was spent in New Zealand, immersed in agriculture, dairy farming, and engineering. When his body suffered life-threatening diseases and a total shutdown he turned to Natural Health. He studied many different natural health modalities (including Kinesiology). He is a passionate, highly trained professional with a vast knowledge of the electrical working of the body, with a gifted ability to energetically perceive and determine the cause of electrical disharmony in the body. His understanding and skill help bring the body back into harmony and re-energize the cells, allowing them to function as intended.

He also offers nutritional suggestions and lifestyle changes to his clients, as support and maintenance of the cellular work he does. He continues to advocate taking responsibility for one’s health and avoiding chemically laced products and eating a healthy high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet. He is a charismatic public speaker and has been a guest presenter at many conferences and on radio and TV.

Over the years Denie has published several books on health and well-being. His early book Journey to Truth published in 1999, candidly discusses his struggle with ego and his eventual spiritual awakening was made into a documentary One Man’s Journey to Truth in 2012 and won the Award of Merit at the Lucerne International Film Festival. Electrical Nutrition – A Revolutionary Approach to Eating that Awakens the Body’s Natural Electrical Energywas published in 2001 to great acclaim. Over the years Denie has written several articles on health, cancer, skin care that have been summarized in A little book of wisdom published in 2014.

Denie’s latest book Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beautywas published in the fall of 2016. Here he delves deeper into the timeless subjects of an anti- aging lifestyle, chemicals in skin care, how to slow aging and as always “thinking outside the box.”

His unbridled passion to understand the dynamics of human health, the latest anti-aging research, breast cancer research, neuroscience and quantum physics pertaining to how the body works, what causes diseases, how the body responds to diseases and how it recovers propelled him into the creation and formulation of theCream – Nature’s Superfood for Skin.A colostrum based, all-natural, healthy skin care range of products, with zero chemicals, mineral oils, parabens or preservatives launched in 2012 and continues to break new ground in giving women and their families a healthy choice for skin care.

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