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The Fast Way to Longevity, Health, and Performance – Episode 149

Join Dr. Gladden in this conversation with Dr. Joseph Antoun. He is the CEO & Chairman of the Board of L-Nutra and a Forbes Business Development Council member. He’s the former CEO of Health Systems Reform, a boutique consultancy aimed at improving public health by reforming health systems, management, and delivery. He completed his studies in Public Policy at Harvard University, in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, and his Doctorate in Medicine and Master’s in Medical and Biological Sciences at Saint Joseph University. In this episode, they talk about what human longevity means and new discoveries in science and medicine that can move us all closer to theever-elusive Fountain of Youth. Do you know the difference between prolonged fasting, intermittent fasting, and TRE and their benefits? What can you do to increase your odds of living past 100 AND being healthy while doing it? Listen to hear more. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred, the new thirty, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden welcomes Dr. Joseph to the show. (00:51) 

Dr. Joseph explains how he got into what he is currently doing. (1:46) 

Dr. Joseph talks about his transition and how his passion developed for what he does currently. (3:18) 

Dr. Gladden asks Dr. Joseph what it is like to support the government. (5:03) 

Dr. Joseph lists areas where the government has failed. (8:00) 

Dr. Gladden brings up how sugar, salt, and fat are addictive. (9:50) 

Dr. Joseph states how unhealthy fat is cheap and how it’s a choice between healthy fat and unhealthy fat. (11:50) 

Dr. Gladden adds how finances, taste, and tradition affect what people eat and how there are many hurdles to overcome regarding healthy eating. (13:20) 

Dr. Joseph describes how people testify of how ProLon changed their lives, bodies, performance, mental clarity, and taste buds. (14:50) 

Dr. Gladden explains that if you’re going into intermittent fasting, it’s almost better to eat breakfast, eat lunch, and skip dinner. (16:18) 

Dr. Joseph says that if you eat something during the day, you actually eat less at night. (18:05) 

Dr. Gladden clarifies that the ProLon five-day fast-mimicking diet is essentially a kit that contains these foods that don’t break a fast. (20:05) 

Dr. Joseph mentions that after two days of fasting, your body goes into a special defensive mechanism (21:45) 

Dr. Joseph explains that every cell is impacted and pushed to rejuvenate when we fast. (23:00) 

Dr. Gladden adds that fasting helps reboot the body in a spectrum of tissues and organs. (24:50) 

Dr. Joseph shares that everything they do involves lab, preclinical, and human trials. (26:30) 

Dr. Joseph states that fasting is a major foundational piece in the longevity space. (29:30) 

Dr. Joseph mentions that three different five-day fasts a year is best. (31:09)  

Dr. Gladden talks about how insulin drives the aging process, cellular and vascular senescence. (33:40) 

Dr. Joseph breaks down what fast does to the body. (35:20) 

Dr. Joseph reveals how they tripled the impact of what the FDA would consider a drug. (37:20) 

Dr. Gladden notes how high-protein diets activate mTOR. (39: 30) 

Dr. Joseph mentions an article by Valter Longo published four months ago on the meta-analysis of IGF. (41:10) 

Dr. Gladden describes how in practice, they use rapamycin to suppress IGF-1 while they’re doing some other things (43:27) 

Dr. Gladden elaborates on intermittent fasting and how it is excellent for anyone with a malignant cell in their system. (45:30) 

Dr. Joseph comments that it’s better to starve cancer than feed cancer. (47:44) 

Dr. Joseph points listeners to where they can find the research he mentioned. (49:10) 

Dr. Joseph shares how one of his most significant recommendations is eating dinner early in the evening and not snacking late at night. (50:00) 

Dr. Joseph explains how the brain is a fat organ. (51:43) 

Dr. Joseph points listeners to where they can find more info on 

To learn more about L-Nutra, or Dr. Antoun


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