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The Hidden Truths of Nutrition: Unveiling the Impact of Nutrient-Dense Food on the Body – Episode 197

Do you know the dangers of synthetic vitamins and minerals? Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Steve Reiter and Frank Davis in this episode of Age Hackers. Frank Davis has been in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years. He is passionate and committed to providing efficacious and uncompromising nutritional products for himself, his family, friends, and others. He believes that food should be your medicine, and medicine should be your food. Frank set out to find a way to ensure that the foods he ingested had all of the original health benefits that God had designed them to have. At 76 years old, Frank is still in the prime of health. He regularly competes in racquetball against men in their 30s and 40s and wins. He is also active in skiing, basketball, weightlifting, and biking. His doctor calls him ‘a rare medical specimen’, which Frank attributes to his belief that giving your body the proper nutrients can heal itself. This episode discusses the power of enzymes to control blood sugars, which are the foundation of many chronic diseases, the dangerous state of US nutrition, and how concentrated whole food nutrients are a new and missing link. Do you know that silver’s ancient, forgotten natural healing is being studied as a potent antiviral, antibacterial agent for modern diseases? Do you know the unexplored world of enzymes and probiotics and how they affect the body?  

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Show Notes

Frank Davis is seventy-six, and he is crushing it. (00:37) 
Dr. Gladden is heading to record his audiobook. (2:49) 
Frank is still very energetic, even at his age. (05:31) 
Frank does a lot of different kinds of sports. (7:10) 
Childhood diseases, antibiotics, weakened immune systems, and endless illnesses started Frank in his present healthy discovery. (09:30) 
Frank once lived in an area considered the capital of network marketing. (11:10) 
Frank shares that taking the wrong stuff or not getting the right stuff can impact your body. (12:21) 
We are eating food without the needed nutrients. (15:29) 
No matter how hard you try to eat well, you may not get all the necessary nutrients. (17:37) 
There are techniques that can enhance the nutrient density of food. (19:45) 
Dr. Gladden wants to know where Frank gets nutrient-dense food to practicalize his technology. (22:35) 
Every serving has a pound of broccoli because of the amount of sulforaphane. (26:14) 
People with food sensitivity could take the product as all they need is already in it to help break it down. (28:58) 
Every ingredient in the product is expensive because of how it’s grown. (30:35) 
Frank says they have done shelf life. (33:31) 
Some people don’t know the effect of the product until they stop. (36:27) 
Frank mentions that he is a firm believer in digestive enzymes. (40:05) 
We convert five times the amount of sugar that our body can utilize. (42:20) 
Frank recommends that you take the product an hour before you eat. (44:19) 
Frank and Dr. Gladden discuss about a code for the audience. (47:00) 

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