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The Power of Proper Breathing – a Conversation with Dr. Madan Kandula – Episode 62

On this episode of Living Beyond 120, Mark and Dr. Gladden first discuss a long-term study comparing people who were optimistic versus pessimistic. Optimists lived an average of 15% longer than pessimists. While genetics do play a role, we have much more control over our longevity possibilities.

Next they welcome Dr. Madan Kandula, an otolaryngologist (specializing in ear, nose and throat health), to the show. The discuss the health benefits of proper breathing, especially when it relates to sleep. Dr. Kandula describes the way in which sleep apnea can impact health and longevity, plus he offers some opinions on the benefits of items sold to help people breath better.

The conclude with Dr. Kandula discussing the things he believes will help people improve their lives and longevity.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

About the guest:

The first surgeon to perform Balloon Sinuplasty in Wisconsin, Madan Kandula, MD, leads his specialty as a pioneering and visionary otolaryngologist. Board-certified in his specialty, Dr. Kandula is known as Wisconsin’s thought leader for breathing and snoring/sleep apnea solutions. Patients travel from throughout the state, region and the world to seek his expertise. Dr. Kandula routinely treats patients who have had previously unsuccessful surgeries and is often able to deliver better results with less invasive procedures. Because of his track record of innovation, medical device companies often consult with Dr. Kandula on new product development. Additionally, Dr. Kandula’s exceptional surgical skill-set allows him to be an expert trainer for other surgeons in advanced techniques. Whether innovating new treatments or redefining independent medical practice for the 21st century, Dr. Kandula follows a philosophy of doing better today what was done yesterday.

Dr. Kandula and his wife, Dr. Gwen Kandula, an audiologist, founded ADVENT in 2004 to establish a new benchmark in quality for independent medical practices. With the goal of implementing state-of-the-art care and unbiased, patient focused care, they have grown ADVENT into southeastern Wisconsin’s largest independent ENT practice.

Follow him at @ADVENTknows on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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