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The Roadmap to Achieve Your Goals – a Conversation with Dr. Jeff Spencer – Episode 36

On this episode, Dr. Gladden and Mark welcome Dr. Jeff Spencer on the show to discuss his experiences and insights about setting and achieving goals. As an Olympian, sports scientist, author, doctor, artist and advisor to many high-profile business clients, he has developed a proven roadmap to help himself and others tackle challenges and win in life.

They have an extensive conversation about the mindset needed to succeed, applying these lessons to winning in a variety of situations – including achieving longevity.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Special Guest:

Dr. Jeff Spencer makes winning BIG the normal for his clients. He knows how because he’s been there – Olympian, sports scientist, artist, author, doctor, father and advisor to many of this era’s most prolific achievers. Using his Goal Positioning System™ he has helped athletes win 40+ Olympic, World, National, and Tour de France gold medals; entrepreneurs and businesses grow exponentially and thought leaders moved to next level. His clients include Hitachi, Nike, Bulletproof and the rock band U2. Here’s what people say about Jeff: “Enables the impossible”, “My secret weapon”, “Beyond, coach, mentor, or expert…Cornerman”. Dr. Jeff has appeared in Fortune Magazine, GQ, and the Huffington Post. His most important achievement is the adoption of his daughter from rural Colombia at age 10.

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