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Vibrational Vitality: A Journey into Energy Healing with David Wong – Episode 222

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, who interviewed David Wong. David Wong, known as “The Frequency Expert,” is a prominent figure in health technology, martial arts, and entrepreneurship. As the founder of Qi Life, he specializes in Qi Energy and Life Force science, aiming to empower individuals to achieve self-healing without medication. David’s personal transformation began when he cured an incurable digestive disease in under 90 days using frequency and energy devices. Pioneering technologies like the Qi Coil™ and Frequency Method™, he blends ancient wisdom with modern science to explore longevity, anti-aging, fitness, beauty, happiness, and altered states of consciousness. Beyond his work, David practices qi gong, plays the piano, and continues his martial arts journey as a third-generation student of Bruce Lee. His mission is to help truth seekers improve incrementally daily, unlocking their full potential and elevating global resonance. Connect with David on his social platforms and explore his technologies at Explore the transformative impact of Qi Coils in anti-aging, biohacking, and spiritual growth. Learn how these energy and frequency technologies redefine aging, optimize personal performance, and enhance spiritual practices. The key takeaway: Change your frequency, change your destiny. Discover how we are only one frequency away from unlocking untold potentials with Qi Coils.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

Dr. Gladden welcomes David Wong. (1:53)

David shares how he was raised. (3:18)

David details his progression with breathing techniques. (05:57)

David notes that our brain and nervous system need complex frequencies to work with them. (7:10)

David shares how they have software with ten thousand frequencies. (09:20)

David highlights that our DNA is actually sensitive to EMFs, cell phone radiation can harm DNA, and frequency matters. (11:50)

Dr. Gladden asks David how he transitioned to quantum frequencies. (13:50)

Dr. Gladden notes that David has brought PEMF with quantum frequencies to another level, which has real impact. (15:20)

David plays the “remove negative energy” frequency. (17:56)

Dr. Gldden notes that he could feel an energy coming through and resonating through his body. (18:27)

David explains that using frequencies is stackable with many biohacking hacks. (20:55)

David gives examples of how frequency and sounds are used to improve attention spans and moods in school.  (22:35)

David talks about working with a girl with autism and seeing improvement. (25:15)

David highlights how he is improving student’s capacity to learn. (27:25)

David speaks about how he has a different routine for different times. (29:40)

You can actually emulate substances with frequencies. (30:35)

David says some frequencies can give dopamine hits. (32:50)

Dr. Gladden gives an example of a company that uses frequencies to mimic certain states. (37:25)

David shares some of the frequencies he uses every day. (39:30)

David gives examples of how using frequency brought luck with unexpected gains. (41:26)

You will know you had enough if you feel your energy rising. (43:45)

David gives the name of his book, called the Life of Chi to help people learn about energy. (45:39)

David shares a discount code people can use – longevity10. (47:37)

David shares what we will be doing differently three to five years from now. (50:39)

David lists his top three hacks for living young for a lifetime. (53:20)

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