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Biohacking Boundaries: Redefining Wellness in the Digital Age – Episode 234

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity podcast, and in this episode, Dr. Gladden speaks with Claudia von Boeselager. Claudia von Boeselager, a Longevity & Peak Performance Coach, dedicated over ten years to researching, training, and interviewing global experts, biohackers, and athletes. She biohacked her biological age to be 15 years younger, holds 3 Master’s degrees, and began her career in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs. Claudia scaled a venture-backed start-up, becoming a serial entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. A mother of two, she enjoys biohacking gadgets and sports like kickboxing and scuba diving and is known for her killer guacamole. Claudia von Boeselager discusses optimizing health for longevity and peak performance in the podcast. She highlights the potential of personalized medicine to prevent and reverse diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Claudia emphasizes the importance of saying no to non-aligning commitments to create space for meaningful opportunities. These insights underscore the significance of proactive health management and intentional lifestyle choices for overall well-being.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

Welcomes listeners to the podcast. (00:06)

Dr. Gladden introduces Claudia. (1:17)

Claudia shares about her educational background. (2:32)

Dr. Gladden asks Claudia what drove her to the conceptualization of optimizing her life. (4:15)

Dr. Gladden talks about how Claudia seems to have addressed the life energy cycle in her journey. (6:35)

Claudia notes that cultivating self-love is hard for some people. (8:22)

Anything that riggers you is actually an opportunity to heal that part of yourself. (10:34)

Not feeling safe is like feeling isolated. (13:15)

If you have a lot of trauma, you have to do some shadow work. (16:44)

It is important to make time for yourself. (19:20)

Living young for a lifetime. (21:41)

Claudia asks Dr. Gladden about his favorite patient story. (23:47)

Claudia is looking at leveraging AI and various data points in what she does. (26:26)

Claudia speaks about how changing her routine helped her improve her health. (30:25)

Claudia says she has to reprioritize with things shaping up for her. (34:55)

Dr. Gladden wants to know what Claudia would be doing differently in two to five years. (37:33)

Claudia intends to impact more people and quicker. (40:12)

Claudia would love a shift in thought and for people to realize there is another way. (42:20)

Claudia mentions some of her daily routines to keep healthy. (45:32)

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