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Your True Age – Episode 11

On this episode, Mark and Dr. Gladden discuss the many ways your true biological age can be determined, your longevity possibly predicted – and what you can do to improve these factors.

Mark talks about his experience with an ozone therapy machine and Vasper at Dr. Gladden’s clinic. Gladden explains the benefits of ozone in the body and how the therapy works, including increasing a molecule called NAD, which allows the cells to make more ATP.

Telomeres are the “timekeepers” for the cell, caps at the ends of your chromosomes.

You can somewhat predict the span of your life by the length of your telomeres, but you can do things to improve telomere lengths. A telomere length can show you’re physiologically younger or older than your chronological age. One company that does a thorough test on telomere length is Life Length.

Cell mitochondria make ATP, or energy for cells. Cancer develops in cells that are abnormal and energy-starved. Cancer cells turn on telomerase to re-lengthen their telomeres, possibly making them immortal.

Your lifestyle significantly impacts if you are shortening or lengthening your telomeres.

Exercise, fish oil, meditation, Astragalus (via cycloastragenol, for instance) are tools to preserve the length of your telomeres. Molecular hydrogen can protect against radiation damage to telomeres.

They consider other ways to judge a person’s true age, like arterial age, bone age and brain age.

They discuss the mindset that one should develop that places a high value on your health. Many people sacrifice their health in an effort to get more money, but then they spend much of that money trying to recover their health later in life. Mark talks about this in terms of how we experience the life we have, at different ages, and he stresses the importance of making novelty a priority, so our life feels fuller for longer.

Robb Taylor and Dr. Gladden also discuss 5 alternative cancer therapies your doctor might not tell you about. To read a more in-depth article, visit the blog.

 Ask yourself, “What can you do to take care of your real asset, your telomeres?”

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!


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