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A Health Journey With a Love Story – Episode 154

In this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast, join Dr. Gladden as he sits with Steve Reiter to discuss his story. Steve is the founder and president of the Never Alone Project. In addition, he is a Podcasting, Radio, & Media Production Strategist, Consultant, and Coach with over 22 years in Award-Winning, Internationally Syndicated Media. In this episode, they touch on how Steve learned about the Gladden Longevity Podcast, his journey in the functional health space, dealing with losing a loved one, and starting a non-profit. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred, the new thirty, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden welcomes Steve to the show. (1:30) 

Steve starts on what stimulated his interest in the functional medicine space. (2:35) 

Steve shares how he decided he didn’t want his parents’ and grandparents’ health challenges to repeat themselves with him. (4:01) 

Steve talks about how he started getting migraines that were not going away in 2010. (5:46) 

Steve recalls how he pushed himself to a place of complete burnout. (7:00) 

Steve details how his wife’s health nosedived during pregnancy and her challenges with auto-immune issues. (9:01) 

Steve mentions how his wife’s blood pressure shot up during her pregnancy. (11:09) 

Dr. Gladden elaborates on how rough hypertension can be. (14:10) 

Steve discusses his motivation for deciding to listen to as many health materials as possible. (16:15) 

Steve retells how he came across the Gladden Longevity Podcast. (17:54) 

Steve talks about a couple of Gladden Longevity Podcast episodes he listened to more than once. (19:53) 

Steve mentions how Dr. Gladden was one of the three doctors of choice he wanted to reach out to for help with his wife’s health. (22:45) 

Steve explains one of the reasons he respects Dr. Gladden so much. (24:01) 

Dr. Gladden mentions how impressed he was with Steve and his wife. (26:13) 

Steve brings up how having love, care, and attention helps patients recover faster. (28:02) 

Steve adds that he understands the importance of protecting nurses and doctors. (30:05) 

Steve clarifies that hospital visit restrictions are not just a national crisis but a worldwide one. (31:06) 

Dr. Gladden emphasizes how important it is to have families around during some procedures in the hospital and to be honest with them. (32:45) 

Steve states how one doctor’s honesty changed his perspective and approach. (34:20) 

Steve shares how people can find out more about Never Alone. (36:10) 

Steve touches on how people are unaware of their rights to visit even in states where the law has been passed. (38:11) 

Dr. Gladden explains how money and lobbying influence significant decisions. (40:20) 

Steve exposes some show ideas he is excited about. (42:30) 

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