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Is this how you fix your brain once and for all? – Episode 153

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Shannon Malish, the founder and CEO of Brain Frequency Center as they discuss this cutting-edge treatment. Shannon Malish is an LCSW-S and has a master’s degree from the University of Texas-San Antonio in Social Work with an emphasis in addiction counseling. With a personal connection of losing her younger sister to anxiety and depression, Shannon began her Master’s in Social Work, which ran 12 inpatient centers in 3 different states. Her dedication and passion for helping people heal by putting the patient first further spurred Mrs. Malish to open an inpatient/outpatient facility unlike any other in its specialties of trauma, drug addiction, and mental health. In this episode, they delve into the use of magnetic frequencies to help balance the brain; the big takeaway that there is another way to treat many disorders, and it is a much kinder way. Moving on, Shannon also mentions how durability is incredible, that people don’t need to keep coming back and that there is a real solution to problems for some of the sickest people. Do you know that you don’t need to wait to get the help you need? Do you know there is still hope and you can feel joy again? Listen to hear more. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred, the new thirty, and Living Young for a Lifetime!


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Show Notes:

Steve brings up using magnetic frequency to help balance the brain. (0:43) 

Dr. Gladden shares how he met Shannon at a conference and reviews her profile. (0:50) 

Dr. Gladden talks moving the mental health space from subjective to objective measurement. (2:05) 

Shannon states that substance abuse is just a symptom of a mental health issue. (3:50) 

Shannon goes over her experience, talking about her need for education. (5:18) 

Dr. Gladden asks about going deeper into hammering the brain. (7:24) 

Shannon explains what people experience with the hammering effect of the TMS. (9:21) 

Shannon poses the question that drove her to this point: What happens when we balance the entire brain? (11:29) 

Shannon talks about how they look at the response when their brain is firing, how it is firing, and their basic electrical signature. (14:50) 

Shannon clarifies that if a person does not sleep well at night, they may not get a good read. (17:30) 

Shannon elaborates on how they can see the patterns in the brain and reverse them. (19:39) 

Shannon details how the EEG tells us how the brain functions. (21:27) 

Shannon says a small group of people can get a slight headache after treatment. (23:25) 

Shannon emphasizes that brain frequency treatment does not change your personality. (24:41) 

Dr. Gladden describes the treatment as exercise for the brain and how you need recovery time. (28:10) 

Shannon speaks about how the treatment fills a gap in the story about what is going on. (30:32) 

Dr. Gladden brings up that substance use disorder’s recidivism or recurrence rate is really high. (34:10) 

Shannon adds that if someone has been using for an extended period, they may not have daily coping skills. (37:09) 

Dr. Gladden asks Shannon how soon after a concussion one can start therapy. (40:00) 

Dr. Gladden wants to know if brain frequency can help those who want to tune up their brain. (42:48) 

Shannon talks about how there are some clear indicators on the EEG of women going through menopause. (47:13) 

Shannon mentions how most people get sleep disorders which then turn into depressive disorders. (51:04) 

Dr. Gladden states how brain frequency gets you there faster than neuro-feedback. (55:14) 

Dr. Gladden clarifies that Gladden Longevity is not set up for pediatric per se but is more prepared to handle older kids. (58:09) 

To learn more about Shannon, her work, or her treatment center: 

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Instagram: @windmillwellnessranch 

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