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A Home Test to Balance Your Electrolytes – Episode 160

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Melisa Karabeyoglu in this episode of Gladden Longevity. Melisa is a US registered dietician and holds an MSc in Nutrition from Brooklyn College and a BSc in Psychological and Brain Science from John Hopkins University. She is also Vivoo’s Nutrition and Wellness Expert. In this episode, they talk about making biohacking much easier and quicker for customers and what an at-home pee test can tell you about your fitness. You also get to hear more about using self-tracking devices to understand our bodies better, why you want to monitor your vitamin C levels daily, and why it’s so hard to naturally get minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium. Are you familiar with what an at-home pee test can tell you about your fitness? Listen to learn more about evidence-based research supporting diet, nutrients, superfoods, and antioxidant-rich key elemental foods to restore and maintain health while avoiding harmful substances and how nutrition can help people excel in life and improve their well-being. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred, the new thirty, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden reveals that he enjoyed this episode as it shows people how they can get real-time feedback for what they take. (1:00) 

Dr. Gladden welcomes Melisa to the show. (2:00) 

Dr. Gladden explains what Vivoo is all about and that it’s a home urine test. (4:03) 

Melisa shares that she started out as a dietician and a chef but wanted to take on more and more initiatives. (6:04) 

Melisa talks about the importance of hydration in our everyday life. (8:05) 

Dr. Gladden says he exercises daily and drinks water daily. (10:20) 

Melisa discloses that with Vivoo, it’s great to have confirmation about your efforts to stay healthy. (12:00) 

Dr. Gladden advocates eating your water and vitamin C. (14:23) 

Melisa details how sodium is responsible for regulating fluids. (16:04) 

Minerals are essential, and we must consume them constantly. (18:00) 

Melisa expresses her thoughts about magnesium and how it is necessary for our muscles to function properly. (20:43) 

Melisa states her enthusiasm for cultures around the world and passion for traveling. (22:00) 

Melisa echoes Dr. Gladden’s thought that most of our sensitivities are because we don’t follow a balanced diet. (24:50) 

Melisa emphasizes how Vivoo shows proof of what you need to know and helps with biohacking. (27:02) 

Melisa reiterates that the results mean a lot when they are about you and when they are individualized. (29:40) 

Dr. Gladden brings to our attention that traveling is a challenge for our hydration. (31:55) 

Melisa promises to hydrate more on the plane or after a trip based on her observations. (32:40) 

Dr. Gladden speaks of how Vivoo can help you take a preventive posture instead of a reactive posture when dealing with your health. (36:34) 

Melisa mentions that with biohacking tools, you can just get to play around with different factors to see how your body is reacting. (38:56) 

Dr. Gladden specifies that magnesium is good for muscle relation, sleep, and recovery from exercise. (40:40) 

Melisa clarifies that men and women have different needs, which change over time. (42:44) 

Dr. Gladden recollects how his kidneys were damaged when he was five years old. (46:00) 

Melisa gives insight into how the test has helped her to know how important sleep is for her. (49:18) 

Inflammation is damaging because it increases oxidative stress. (50:24) 

Melisa sheds light on how many Vivoo strips you need and says that it depends on how often you want to test. (52:25) 

Dr. Gladden thanks Melissa for coming on. (54:30)

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