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What if your Red Light Therapy was portable? – Episode 159

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Bjørn Ekeberg in this episode of Gladden Longevity. Bjorn is one of the Co-founders of FlexBeam, the world’s first targeted red light therapy device, designed to accelerate your body’s recovery and optimize health. He has a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science and is also the author of a well-regarded book on metaphysics and cosmology, Metaphysical Experiments: Physics and the Invention of the Universe, and a public debater of cosmology. FlexBeam is portable, flexible, non-invasive, easy to use, and can be used anytime, anywhere, with no side effects. It’s already a favorite among athletes, health and fitness enthusiasts, and biohackers worldwide who use it to improve recovery and as an alternative to painkillers. In this episode, they talk about red light therapy and how it is clinically proven to relieve pain, repair cells, boost energy, and reduce inflammation, making it ideal for treating muscular and ligament injuries, and managing pain caused by conditions such as arthritis. Listen to hear more about the overlooked importance of light for health, photobiomodulation, using red light to manage sleep, and managing pain without using painkillers. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred, the new thirty, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

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Show Notes:

Steve starts by giving listeners insight into the show and his conversation with Bjørn Ekeberg about FlexBeam. (00:31) 

Dr. Gladden speaks about how easy it is to carry the FlexBeam around compared to other products. (1:07) 

Bjørn explains that he had most of his education in Canada. (4:05) 

Dr. Gladden points out that light therapy is such a fascinating topic. (6:25) 

Dr. Gladden reveals that we are all exposed to various levels of light all day long, some are therapeutic, and some are toxic. (8:14) 

Bjørn tells us that the body can heal itself but just needs the right energy power. (10:00) 

Bjørn emphasizes that fifty percent of the energy that comes from the sun is infrared. (11:35) 

Bjørn states that near-infrared light is responsible for the warming effect you can get at the sunset’s glow. (14:34) 

Bjørn discusses the FlexBeam as a targeted red light recovery device and discloses its various features. (16:40) 

Dr. Gladden questions Bjørn about what he means by recovery. (18:10) 

Dr. Gladden shares that we get a higher ATP concentration when photobiomodulation is used. (20:00) 

Bjørn gives examples of athletes using infrared light therapy as a warm-up routine and the benefits they recorded. (22:46) 

Bjørn reiterates that with the use of light therapy and FlexBeam, you are getting to affect the cell. (26:50) 

Bjørn lists some of the uses of infrared and how it can give the body a sunlight feeling. (28:00) 

Bjørn advises that we should not use too much artificial light but expose ourselves to sunlight at every opportunity. FlexBeam is a concentrated dose of what you can get in sunlight and sunset. (30:45) 

Dr. Gladden asks Bjørn about the frequency of use of the Flexbeam. (33:01) 

Dr. Gladden wants Bjørn to discuss the company’s next steps. (35:15) 

Dr. Gladden goes over how beneficial the saunas have been and the improvement. (37:53) 

Bjørn says that the best-infrared therapy device is the one you use most frequently. (38:58) 

Bjørn mentions some things that stand out for him regarding longevity, including your sunlight exposure and when you get it, sleep tracking, and infrared light therapy. (41:20) 

Bjørn quizzes doctor Gladden about his understanding of the link between cosmology and longevity. (42:32) 

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