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Make Menopause Your Bitch – Episode 158

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Steve with Esther Blum in this episode of Gladden Longevity. Esther Blum is an Integrative Dietitian and Menopause Expert. In the past 27 years, she has helped thousands of women master menopause through nutrition, hormones, and self-advocacy. Esther received a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition from Simmons College in Boston and is a graduate of New York University, where she received her Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition. Esther is credentialed as a registered dietitian, a certified dietitian-nutritionist, and a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), certification from the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS). In addition, Esther is the bestselling author of See ya later, OvulatorCavewomen Don’t Get FatEat, Drink and Be Gorgeous,Secrets of Gorgeous, and The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project. Listen to hear more about menopause, taking care of your gut health, the importance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, and getting more protein as we age. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred, the new thirty, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden welcomes Esther Blum to the show. (0:40) 

Dr. Gladden asked Esther to share her background and how she became an expert and menopause queen. (1:12) 

Esther speaks about what motivated her to do what she does. (3:05) 

Dr. Gladden asked Esther what she was after when she launched herself out when going into her practice. (4:58) 

Esther notes how we have been modifying our wheat genetically since the eighties. (7:00) 

Esther explains that venture capital companies control the food supply of the world. (9:25) 

Esther describes how she decided to focus on menopause as she saw more and more of it. (12:04) 

Dr. Gladden questions Esther about her food recommendations for those in the perimenopausal stages. (14:07) 

Esther mentions that studies support the need for higher protein as we age. (16:35) 

Esther states that women need not just estrogen and progesterone but also testosterone. (18:25) 

Esther discloses that she is trying to get women to understand perimenopause. (20:43) 

Esther clarifies that you can’t get the same improvement in bone density without estrogen. (22:40) 

Dr. Gladden explains that every woman on hormone therapy replacement is different and responds differently. (24:50) 

Esther points out how she starts with the guts when dealing with client issues. (25:50) 

Esther reveals that what you feed the gut is really important, and getting rid of inflammatory foods helps. (28:35) 

Esther breaks down how alcohol increases the level of circulating estrogen for up to six hours after each cocktail. (30:20) 

Dr. Gladden points out that some people start the health journey but soon give in to self-sabotage. (32:00) 

Esther expresses that confidence is an inside job and says that no one will ever give it to you, and you have got to understand what makes you feel in your power. (34:53) 

Dr. Gladden mentions that you need a comprehensive strategy for dealing with life. (37:00) 

Esther specifies how a bump in insulin temps down cortisol. (39:30) 

Dr. Gladden comments about how building heart muscle and vascular resilience is really important. (41:27) 

Dr. Gladden describes how the caption on Esther’s website is empowering. (43:24) 

Esther also talks about using laser therapy to build collagen in the vaginal walls. (45:00) 

Esther hints that some women who gain weight during menopause don’t feel attractive. (47:40) 

Esther advises that it is essential to find the right practitioner who understands your vision and supports you. (49:12) 

Dr. Gladden thanks Esther for coming on the show. (50:00) 

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