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Why Your Thinking About Longevity Is Wrong – Episode 157

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Steve Reiter in talks about all things longevity, the misconceptions, and things to note going forward. Are proponents of longevity really making headway? What should be done, and what are the prospects of success? Listen to this episode to hear some thoughts and perspectives about longevity. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred, the new thirty, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden mentions sending Steve a text to discuss their thoughts on Longevity. (0:50) 

Dr. Gladden hints that people don’t understand longevity and have many misconceptions. (1:05) 

Dr. Gladden speaks about how longevity has transitioned from a science of living a long time into a science of being young and vibrant.  (2:25) 

Dr. Gladden gives examples of people talking about aging, yet they are aging. (3:27) 

Dr. Gladden mentions how many millionaires are focused on trying to make more money and how billionaires are more focused on the meaning of life and making an impact. (5:23) 

Dr. Gladden states that the beauty of longevity is that you get to have more impact. (7:05) 

Dr. Gladden gives an example of a universe where you can stay thirty for your entire life. (10:45) 

Dr. Gladden points out that athletes seem to peak in their late twenties or early thirties. (12:55) 

Dr. Gladden notes that the upcoming generation has a better shot at longevity. (14:00) 

Dr. Gladden reveals that longevity is not just about not aging but making an impact. (15:55) 

Dr. Gladden clarifies that what you did in your twenties will not work in your fifties. (18:20) 

Steve asks about recommendations for those in their fifties to stay as young as possible. (19:30) 

Steve questions Dr. Gladden about the breakthroughs he has had over the last ten years that have become cornerstones of his practice. (21:50) 

Dr. Gladden lists out the four circles that they have at Gladden Longevity: the Life Energy circle, the Longevity circle, the Performance circle, and the Health circle (23:35) 

Dr. Gladden emphasizes that his approach is to work from the inside out or focus on being young from the inside out. (25:25) 

Dr. Gladden applauds Steve for taking action and taking control of his life. (28:00) 

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