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Use this device to train yourself to be a Zen Master – Episode 156

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Max Newlon, the President of BrainCo USA. Max has a Master’s from Harvard Graduate School of Education and years of clinical trial experience at Beth Israel Deaconess and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). He was the lead coordinator for a $1 million IARPA study on cognitive enhancement and has leadership development industry experience. He is also the President of BrainCo, which grew out of the Harvard Innovation Lab. BrainCo develops cognitive training technology products and applies this expertise in machine learning, design, and neuroscience to create innovative cognitive-based applications. FocusCalm is one of the company’s verticals that uses neurofeedback to help users train and optimize their brains. In this episode, you get to learn more about optimizing your life by gaining control of your brain using FocusCalm. Max advocates that your brain is always capable of change and is within your control. Are you interested in optimizing your life, learning about brain modulation, brain reprogramming, and improving the quality of your life? Listen to hear more about shifting your mindset to understand you can change your brain, learn to observe and be aware of your mental state, and deepen your mindfulness. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred, the new thirty, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

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Show Notes:

Steve starts out by disclosing Dr. Gladden’s current location. (0:28) 

Dr. Gladden tells us that brain modulation and brain programming are important for health, longevity, performance, and improving the quality of life. (1:12) 

Dr. Gladden reiterates that the fundamental issue with all health and all health optimization is the brain or a function of brain programming and re-programming. (2:07) 

Dr. Gladden questions Max about why he decided to focus on the brain. (3:35) 

Max recounts an experience he had with his teacher calling his parents in the first grade. (5:02) 

Dr. Gladden confirms that what Max is doing now has been a lifelong passion for him. (7:02) 

Max explains that many team members have a deep artificial intelligence learning background. (9:25) 

Max reveals that the best way to understand the brain is to allow the data to tell us what is happening. (11:15) 

Dr. Gladden shares that he agrees with Max that we need to respond in the face of danger. (14:24) 

Dr. Gladden points out that some people struggle to meditate. (16:30) 

Max refers to studies showing that the more people practice, the better their scores. (18:08) 

Max discloses that he likes to know what his brain is like when doing one activity compared to another. (19:55) 

Max clarifies that they don’t have any data yet to show how the headband helps with a concussion but can definitely help with stress. (22:12) 

Dr. Gladden defines the flow state as where people report being most satisfied with their lives. (24:09) 

Dr. Gladden communicates that if you can modulate your mind to match the activity, you go into the flow state. (26:18) 

Dr. Gladden asks Max about the next big thing he is working on. (28:27) 

Max advocates that you can change your brain and that you are not stuck with what you have. (30:32) 

Max explains that they have not done any studies on depression. (33:18) 

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