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Accelerating Cellular Healing Through Light: Laser therapy modalities in Near Infrared, Red, and Violet – Episode 213

Are there natural ways to address pain and inflammation and increase blood flow? Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden! Jennifer Novak is a highly qualified kinesiologist with a master’s degree from an osteopathic university, giving her a holistic approach to her field. She specializes in motor control and developmental neurology, focusing on the concept of tensegrity and finding balance in the body. Jennifer is a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and holds prominent positions on two boards for the National Strength and Conditioning Association. As the Georgia state director and chairperson of the executive council for the sports medicine and rehab division, Jennifer is a leading figure in her field. 

In today’s episode, they talk about the evolution of photobiomodulation from low-level laser therapy, cold laser therapy, and laser biostimulation. They also talk about the concept that all healing, repair, recovery, and performance hinges on the ratio of cellular energy and that photobiomodulation positively affects both sides of this ratio, down to the mitochondrial level. Does photobiomodulation provide benefits at the cellular, tissue, and systemic levels?

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

Dr. Gladden shares a summary of what the episode is all about. (00:48)

Dr. Gladden asks Jennifer what led her on her journey. (2:34)

Jennifer has a Master’s in kinesiology and takes a holistic approach as a coach. (03:45)

Jennifer talks about her contract as a coach. (6:10)

 Jennifer details areas where she is gifted. (07:32)

Dr. Gladden wants to know how Jennifer does reprogramming. (11:00)

Jennifer works in sports medicine and has 120 sports medicine settings.(12:55)

Dr Gladden is curious about reprogramming the nervous system’s impact. (14:36)

Jennifer defines CRPS as chronic regional pain syndrome. (17:21)

Dr. Gladden shares thought about podcast on neuro-ophthalmology and brain modulation. (18:42)

Jennifer reveals how she works with brain injured people. (21:29)

 Jennifer said she took a functional neurology course and invested in lasers. (23:35)

Jennifers reveals that photomodulation enjoys a high safety profile. (26:36)

Jennifer gives the example of an athletic trainer who tests the new device with success. (28:30) 

If a large muscle starts to melt away it can be life threatening. (30:40)

Dr. Gladden speak with  Jennifer to know how she carries out photomodulation.(33:20)

Jennifer details how hypoxia hinders ATP production in cell respiration. (36:35)

Both the mitochondria and the cell have an interfacial water layer and hypoxic cells make the water compact. (39:05)

Jennifer advocates the benefits of photobiomodulation for medical treatments. (41:25)

Jennifer reveals her desire for the military to utilize photomodulation in the tactical space. (43:25)

Dr. Gladden asks Jennifer if she can focus on specific pathogens in her treatments. (46:30)

Jennifer said her photomodulation techniques have not been tested with pregnant women. (48:50)

You can get positive effects with photomodulation in as little as ten seconds but fifteen minutes is ideal. (50:17)

Dr. Gladden speaks about how portable lasers can be used at home. (52:35)

The next best competitor is almost twice the price with less power and versatility. (55:20)

Jennifer speaks about her preference for natural stuff. (59:35)

Dr. Gladden asked Jennifer to share the research she would be interested in doing. (01:01:03)

Dr. Gladden asks Jennifer if she has any studies on photomodulation for stress. (1:04:18)

Underutilized technology needs recognition and FDA approval. (1:06:45)

Jennifer looks forward to celebrating the visibility of her work. (1:07:45)

Jennifer notes how consistent resistant training is good for the brain. (1:11:45)

Jennifer notes how she speaks life to all the people she meets and how she speaks life to herself. (01:11:45)

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