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From Inflammation to Immune Health: Discussing the Benefits of Mushrooms – Episode 212

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Steve Reiter and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden! In today’s episode, we’re discussing topics centered on optimizing life energy, longevity, health, and human performance. We’ll explore Dr. Gladden’s recent adventures in Puerto Rico, his personal routines, and groundbreaking insights into blood vessel health. Discover the Gladden Longevity blood vessel formula and its nitrate-rich food benefits. We’ll also delve into the wonders of medicinal mushrooms andinnovative products like the H2 energy tablet. Plus, learn about the Gladden Longevity supplement store, exclusive products, and a special discount. Don’t forget Dr. Gladden’s book, “100 Is the New Thirty,” offers comprehensive guidance on personalizing your path to longevity and happiness. Join us on this journey to optimize your life energy and unlock your full potential!

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Steve talks about starting his day in the sonar. (1:25)

Steve wants to know how Dr. Gladden combines cold plunge, sonar, and other solutions. (2:57)

Dr. Gladden shares how senescent cells lead to stiff arteries and high blood pressure. (05:37)

Herbs inhibit RNOx and enhance arterial health. (07:12)

Steve highlights the importance of herbs. (10:25)

Fresh herbs are essential in Mediterranean cooking. (11:13) 

Mushrooms: magic, medicinal, expensive custom gene peptides. (14:05)

Dr. Gladden shares how some herbs are challenging to find. ( 16:12)

Hydrogen water benefits physical and mental health. (18:17)

Dr. Gladden mentions the many uses of mushrooms. (21:10 )

Aging, inflammation, and mushrooms can combat it. (22:18)

Dr. Gladden explains what draws him to molecular hydrogen. (24:22)

Hydrogen boosts energy, and NES Health is innovative. (26:22)

New hydrogen supplements provide energy and relaxation. (28:36)

Dr Gladden points out how hydrogen supplements. (29:31)

H2 energy: clean, potent, not caffeine. Effects depend on sensitivity. (30:24)

Steve advises that you have to read your book (32:46)

Surprising framework for tackling aging through regenerative elements. (34:31)

Breakthrough in thinking about longevity and youth. (37:37)

Let’s live long for a lifetime (38:05)

Steve recommends Dr. Gladden’s book (40:42)


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