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The AI and Psychedelic Revolution – Episode 211

Do you know medication can cause the symptoms? Join Jeffrey Gladden and Fred Moss in this episode of Gladden Longevity. Dr. Fred Moss, a retired psychiatrist with over 40 years of experience in mental health, is known as the “UnDoctor.” He is a transformational coach, empowering clients by unburdening them from diagnoses, medications, and conventional medical paradigms. His unique life journey as a traveling doctor, spanning different cultures, has shaped his perspective on mental health. Dr. Fred is a prolific presence in the podcasting world, with a rich background in both mental health and podcast hosting. He combines these experiences to provide profound insights and engaging discussions, ensuring a fulfilling experience for hosts and listeners alike. In this episode, they discuss mental health, wellness, transformation, and growth and development. In addition, as the podcast progresses, they discuss the greatest threat in the world is not what you think. They also explain how mental illness may not be what you think, and it may be just a transformable conversation. How can creativity address the discomfort of life better than medicine and the mental health industry?

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Fred speaks about the situation he was born into. (2:35)

Fred shared how he wanted to learn how to communicate. (4:14)

Fred returned to Michigan and learned computer science reluctantly but did not like it. (6:00)

There is always the ability to connect if you come in with an open heart. (8:40) 

Everything for Dr. Gladden bores down to connection and creativity. (10:35)

Fred says been uncomfortable in an uncomfortable situation. (13:16)

Dr. Gladden shares about psychotherapy and how it led to spiritual growth and liberation. (15:40)

Fred highlights how he took his low-risk patients off drugs. (18:50)

Dr. Gladden says his concept of a great relationship is knowing and being known and loving and being loved. (21:48)

Fred advises people to embrace suffering and choose their direction. (24:10)

One of the things it takes to live in life is to be courageous. (26:14)

Understanding trauma, identifying, unraveling, healing, transcending. (30:10)

Fred shares the resources he provides to people.. (35:39)

Fred shares that all the sacrifice and heartache that he has had has been a gift. (37:56)

Life only comes alive when you speak your true voice. (40:15)

We diminish ourselves when we say what we don’t believe. (44:55)

Creativity heals and relieves symptoms better than medication. (45:12)

Love, connection, and creation are what Dr Gladden is the holy trinity. (47:30)

Fred shares the research he is interested in doing. AI and psychedelics challenge human existence. (51:15)

Creating a better future with AI and psychedelics. (57:10)

Fear of humanity’s unbridled potential for violence. (59:38)

Man may not be able to stand AI if anything goes wrong.(1:01:34)

Fred lists his three top hacks for staying young. (1:03:40)

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