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Aging with Power – Episode 244

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity Podcast! In this episode, Host Steve Reiter and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden are joined by JJ Virgin. JJ is a triple-board certified nutrition expert and Fitness Hall of Famer. She strongly advocates nutrition’s healing power and aims to change perceptions of aging and longevity. JJ has launched multimillion-dollar businesses and founded the Mindshare Collaborative, a leading health professional community. She’s a prominent TV personality, author of four NY Times bestsellers, and hosts the popular podcast Well Beyond 40. JJ has coached top health names and impacted millions worldwide. The episodes discuss nutrition’s healing power, changing aging perceptions, and achieving longevity. It also covers launching successful businesses, building influential communities, and impactful coaching. Additionally, topics include nutrition’s role in weight loss, appearances on TV shows, and authoring NY Times bestsellers.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

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