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Revolutionizing Sexual Health – Episode 243

In this episode, join us as we explore the visionary journey of Dr. Elliot Justin, MD, FACEP, the CEO and Founder of FirmTech, the first sex tech company dedicated to improving men’s erectile fitness. He has a background in Emergency Medicine and healthcare technology consulting. Dr. Justin is also a serial healthcare entrepreneur, having founded and sold Pegasus Emergency Group and Swift MD. He has provided guidance to various services, telemedicine, and tech startups. Dr. Justin pursued Slavic Studies at Harvard University and studied medicine at Boston University. The podcast discussed FirmTech’s ‘ring’ device, exploring its impact on sexual and cardiac health. The conversation highlighted its potential to save lives by indicating cardiovascular health. The focus was on addressing Venous Leak Syndrome and FirmTech’s unique approach compared to traditional treatments. The three takeaways emphasized sustained performance, the Erectile Fitness Score as a vital indicator, and the superiority of rings over medications like Viagra. The insights provided valuable information for men’s health, covering sexual well-being and cardiovascular fitness as they age.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!


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