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Are You Out Of Energy? – Episode 122

In today’s episode, Dr. Gladden will be joined by the world’s leading nutritional biochemist, expert on health optimization, and ingredientologist, Shawn Wells, MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN. The two discuss energy and fatigue related to mitochondrial dysfunction, resilience, depression, and protein BDMF. We also talk about metabolic flexibility and the Ketogenic Diet. We end with Shawn’s three secrets for longevity. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden presents today´s guest Shawn Wells, a nutritional biochemistry expert in health optimization and discusses the health issues he has been fighting and his book “The Energy Formula” (1:16);

Dr. Gladden starts the conversation by introducing energy and the aging process as a topic (3:35);

Shawn Wells speaks about ICES and mitochondrial dysfunction (metabolic disfunction) (4:40);

The reason for fatigue: metabolic predisposition (no back to normal function) and chronic infection that damage the mitochondria from the outside (6:37);

Dr. Gladden introduces metabolic flexibility to connect the ideas about Keto Diet (11:33);

Dr. Gladden discusses a study about metformin and its potential impact on longevity, and mentions how metformin activates AMPK and lowers insulin resistance by increasing insulin receptors (13:27);

Shawn Wells talks about the differences and benefits from metformin (14:14);

Dr. Gladden continues discussing metformin with Shawn Wells, who mentions B-12 depletion with metformin (16:35);

Dr. Gladden reintroduces fatigue into the discussion (16:54);

Shawn Wells expands information about alpha-keto and calcium and EKG (18:12); 

Dr. Gladden talk about PQQ and the coenzyme COQ-10 (19:36);

Shawn Wells talks about berberine and metformin and the possibility to cause mitochondrial stress, and how mitochondrial biogenesis is related (20:22);

Shawn Wells explains ergothioneine, the longevity vitamin (22:05); 

Dr. Gladden and Shawn Wells discuss mitochondrial oxidative stress, hydrogen, and balance (24:37);

Dr. Gladden talks about the concept of resilience and aging as an exponential process (25:55);

Shawn Wells talks about the importance of resilience and speaks about two types of intelligence as we get older: crystallized and fluent intelligence (26:44);

Shawn Wells speaks about mental resilience, the protein BDMF, and depression (30:13);

Dr. Gladden and the concept of “taking action” (33:39);

Shawn Wells shares his thoughts about a healthy brain, body, and energy, as well as his experience with depression, body dysmorphia, eating disorder, Epstein-Barr Virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia (35:20);

Dr. Gladden extends the comment of Shawn Wells on reframing (37:22); 

Shawn Wells gratitude mindset is a natural reframe and mentality shift (41:38);

Shawn Wells mentions one compound for intense exercising (44:57);

Dr. Gladden explains BCAA amino acid (46:19);

Shawn Wells talks about other compounds (47:20);

Dr. Gladden and Shawn Wells discuss fasting (49:22);

Dr. Gladden asks Shawn Wells for final thoughts and what he thinks about optimizing NAD (50:29);

Shawn Wells shares some compounds to optimize NAD and the Vitamina B3 Niacin (50:51);

Shawn Wells shares his top three tips for longevity (55:04);

To learn more about Shawn and his book, “The Energy Formula”, visit 

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Instagram: @shawnwells

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