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Gut Health- Episode 123

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden sits down with Autumn Calabrese, BeachBody Super Trainer. She shares her journey in the fitness world and her difficulties with weight loss while having a healthy way of life. She also shares her struggles with anxiety and depression, talks about gut health, and the importance of knowing thyroid genetics to understand our body.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden introduces Autumn Calabrese, BeachBody Super Trainer (2:42);

Autumn shares her journey into fitness and health since her younger years through her family and her passion, dancing (3:43); 

Changes in Autumn’s life through puberty, struggling with weight and unpleasant with her body (5:06);

Autumn explains how she became a fitness competitor and the change that this had in her relationship with her body (7:09);

How Autumn developed her Portion Fix nutrition program (8:27);

Dr. Gladden speaks about the importance of exercise, knowing your limits, and injuries of the body (10:45);

Autumn shares more about her competitions and how she trained for all: periods, nutrition (11:48);

Dr. Gladden speaks about healthy living and performance, and Autumn’s sense of confidence about healthy life goals (13:11);

Autumn shares how her body changed in her 30s, and the rise of her anxiety and depression (14:18);

Depression and anxiety are related to genetic predisposition and past experiences. Autumn shares one critical moment in her life (17:25 );

Food sensitivity and the myth of healthy foods (21:48);

How Autumn got away from the food that hurts her while Dr. Gladden explains depression and gut inflammation (25: 57);

Autumn talks about her experience with Dr. Gladden and how she has grown to understand her body and genetic predisposition (29:04);

Optimizing body composition (36:04);

The things Autumn teaches: self-care, sleep, and stress management (36:33);

A new program for gut health to improve nutrition (38:28);

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