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Nutrition and Your Health, Longevity, and Human Performance- Episode 124

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden sits down with Megan Lyons a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Founder and Owner of Lyons’ Share Wellness. She talks about how to be realistic with your health matrix, the mindset that ages you and keeps you from losing weight, the morning routine that reduces cortisol to lower your blood sugar and help you be more productive, and more. She also mentions 3 key longevity recommendations for optimizing your health that you don’t want to miss.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden introduces Megan Lyons (0.56);

Megan talks about the training routines of an athlete and how she helps clients optimize for their bodies/lifestyles and customize training according to their needs(3:25)

Advice for athletes – reducing their sugar and refined carbohydrates and focusing on sources of healthy fats (5:15);

Glycogen replacement after exercise is only needed if you are working out intensely (7:55);

Megan advises on fueling your body when exercising and the importance of liquids and electrolytes (10:00);

Megan talks about finding an optimum bar and gives her recommendations (12:49);

Megan shares experience doing continuous glucose monitoring and how stress impacts blood sugar (15:50);

Adrenal fatigue and how stress makes it difficult to lose weight (19:30);

When trying to lose weight don’t only consider food, exercise, and diet but also look at stress (21:50);

Megan strives for continuous improvement every day but it’s hard to have all monitored matrices to keep improving every single day (22:55);

Showing yourself love does wonder for your health (24:55);

Dr. Gladden explains how the Keto approach is all about balance and not pushing yourself to the keto state the entire time (26:05);

There is a right way to do Keto (27:05);

Dr. Gladden speaks about how you can train your body to burn fat by taking the Keto-type diet but it depends on understanding yourself and your genetics (30:00);

The closer to the source you can get your food the better as food loses nutrients with every mile traveled (33:50);

The best source of getting quality animal protein is going straight to the farmer (36:10);

Megan talks about how she is looking forward to exploring inflammation monitoring and inflammation testing (40:06);

Megan’s top recommendation with regards to longevity – Strategically choose and enjoy your sugar and inflammatory food, start out your day feeling how you want to feel, and push your body but not in excess (42:20);

Megan talks about how meditation and centering herself makes her more focused during her day (46:40);

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