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Best Exercise Machine You’ve Never Heard of to Restore Your Back & Core- Episode 125

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden sits down with Dr. Tim Brown, who is a Chiropractor, patent holder, leading innovator in the world of sports medicines, a coach of high-performance athletes who also has over 35 years of experience. Tim talks about how he uses NEUX to treat injuries and reprogram people’s ability to get back to things they love doing.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Jeffrey introduces Dr. Tim as one of the innovators in sports medicine (01:40)

Dr. Jeffery welcomes Tim and mentions the device NEUX that Dr. Tim is involved with (3:35)

Tim talks about how different NEUX is from other devices (4:10)

Tim talks about how his job is to find out where there is muscles imbalance and a disconnection from our subsystem, nervous system, and muscles (5:40)

Tim talks about energy medicine and a machine called a bio-charger which helps the body tissues return to normal when any part of the body is injured(7:60)

Tim mentions how the future of medicine is vibration and light since that is what we are made up of(9:16)

Dr. Jeffery talks about how a reset takes a person to a very relaxed state for about 20 minutes (11:00)

Being able to dial up the peripheral nervous system and have it integrate with the central nervous system is another critical piece in the process of healing (13:30)

Tim gives an example of how he can work on one side of the body while the machine works on another side of the body, giving rise to better and predictable results (15:19)

Tim mentions the fact that movement is life and life is movement and how he rarely treats statically (17:25)

Dr. Jeffery mentions how he finds it attractive relaxing using electricity (18:42)

Tim talks about setting up a network for those who can’t afford the machine (22:10)

Tim mentions training for recovery and training for performance and how athletes understand that recovery is part of their future performance (23:20)

Centration – getting the body back into the middle (24:30)

Tim explains how NEUX works with various muscles (26:00)

NEUX helps you build safely and prevent injury, as injury comes from asymmetry (27:42)

Dr. Tim gives an example of how NEUX helped a client loosen his hip (29:30)

Dr. Tim speaks about how he fell in love with ice and what icing does to injured areas (31:40)

Dr. Jeffery explains IGF-1 as the mediator of the growth hormone (33:30)

Dr. Jeffery mentions using peptides to augment growth hormone release(34:40)

Dr. Tim mentions how when we injure the ACL, we also injure the ACL in our brain and how Synaptic helps(35:12)

Dr. Tim goes over how NEUX fits into his overall philosophy (37:00)

Dr. Jeffrey talks about the mindset we need if we are making 100 the new 30 (38:58)

Dr. Tim talks about finding ways to keep work-outs enjoyable (40:05)

Dr. Tim mentions how the results he gets now with NEUX are better than the results he had before now just using his hands( 42:00)

Dr. Tim mentions three important things for making 100 the new 30: What you eat, what you are thinking, and what you are doing, and he mentions that your health balances between those three things. He also says hydration, eating foods that are wild as opposed to processed stuff, and finding a way to live your life in the moment and the present (43:02)

Dr. Jeffery goes on to mention how we can sabotage our healing and aging by what we think, by high stress, living in the past, and worrying about the future (45:15)

Dr. Tim also talks about breathing and the importance of breathing right (46:15)

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