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Is This The Best Way Ever To Fix Your Back And Core?- Episode 126

In this episode, Dr. Gladden interviews Scott Bertrand, a chiropractor, Chief Research Officer for AllCore Holding, and inventor of AllCore360. Scott has over 35 years of chiropractic experience. Scott shares his own personal story, epiphanies, and more about creating something really helpful to many people.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden introduces Scott Bertrand and talks about how they met at a Longevity conference (2:03);

Scott talks about how the developed the AllCore equipment after a trauma he suffered from a skydiving injury (3:09);

Spondylolisthesis is a trauma to the nerves (5:34);

Scott explains how he was put in positions he didn’t normally use during therapy and how that spurred him to come up with the AllCore (7:23);

Scott mentioned that as healthcare providers it is important to know what the body is doing to survive and assist the body in doing it (9:42);

The core is a muscular device that assists the body move gracefully and efficiently through space against gravity (11:10);

Dr. Gladden describes the AllCore360 as a chair suspended inside of a cage, the chair is computer operated and also has the ability to be upright or tilt back (13:59);

Scott describes how the AllCore360 works and how it works on different muscles and improves coordination (15:47);

Scott goes on to explain how using the AllCore360 affected his spondylolisthesis and how it resulted in a rapid increase in his stability (18:15);

Scott talks about how safe the AllCore360 is and how you are safely strapped in and can’t get out except someone helps you out (20:01);

Scott believes that the core is the background of music of movement and Dr. Gladden emphasizes that the stronger your core the more weight you take off your joints (23:20);

Scott clarifies that there are some people that may not benefit from the AllCore360 and that includes recent post-traumatic fracture patients, those who have done recent spinal surgery and pregnant women (28:00);

Scott talks about how he is constantly on the lookout for feedback to keep improving the AllCore360 (31:20);

Scott talks about the number of times the AllCore360 needs to be used to get the needed benefit and emphasizes that it depends on the target in view (34:33);

Dr. Gladden mentions that the core is misunderstood piece of anatomy (37:20);

Scott mentions that having a strong core is important for living till 120, he also mentions the importance of respecting your body and keeping a good posture (37:54);

Dr. Gladden mentions that having a strong core is really important to avoid hurt and body damage. He also describes the body as the central core and everything coming off that (40:30);

Dr. Gladden thanks Scott for the interview (42:00);

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