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Be superhuman! The magic of Carbon60 to boost your muscle & brain power – Episode 137

Join Dr. Gladden and Ian Mitchell on this conversation about Carbon60 and the wonders it can do in terms of optimizing your body’s internal performance and overall health. Ian is an inventor, a biochemist, a pharmaceutical developer, and specializes in anti-aging. A research scientist who studied Chemistry (ACS Track) at Mississippi State University and Jazz Performance at the University of New Orleans, working with the type of people who want to experience superhuman performance, he has 25 years of experience making contributions across multiple fields. Over the past decade he has developed multiple novel therapeutics using Lipofullerenic-Conjugates and holds multiple patents in the field of nano-medicine. Additionally, he developed multiple products focused on the convergence of mobile telecommunications and biomedical engineering, as well as nanofluidic multi-assay systems for use with Lab-on-Chip (LoC) devices, and holds joint patents with the University of Tulsa for viral inhibitors. He was a lead fabrication consultant for NASA’s “ENDURANCE mission” project to Europa. Currently, he is the lead scientist at Biocharged and Wizard Sciences, Polymath in Residence at Ecliptic Capital, and head of R&D for Biochacked. Ian has managed to not only enhance energy production in the body but also increase its capacity from a sub-cellular level with Carbon60, as well as help it fight infection in the deepest way possible with a cocktail including this molecule that you will want to find out about. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Show notes:

00:55 Dr. Gladden gives a description of the episode’s subject matter.

01:47 Dr. Gladden introduces Ian Mitchell and Carbon60.

02:42 Ian tells his personal story and journey towards his current endeavor with Carbon60.

05:21 Dr. Gladden interjects and explains what “p53 knockout” is for the audience.

05:56 Ian describes exactly what he did when testing the Carbon60 in vivo and the impressive results obtained, consequently, what he kept learning about the Carbon60 molecule.

07:06 Ian explains what Carbon60 can do inside the body.

07:43 Dr. Gladden explains exactly what this means in terms of function, how Carbon60 is counteracting the body’s decline.

09:33 Ian describes how he started to study the body’s process to create ATP (energy) in order to positively optimize it in every way without negatively interfering in any particular area.

10:15 This is how we get our 400hp motor back.

10:51 How do we replace the damaged parts that are not going to fix themselves?

10:57 Dr. Gladden gives a summary of what Ian is doing with Carbon60 in 3 parts. How it is optimizing mitochondrial function, what it is adding to the machinery, and how it is restoring the parts.

12:01 Ian shares his personal story with infection and describes how it affected his function greatly.

13:18 Ian tells what he had to do to get the correct diagnosis as to what was going on with him on a sub-cellular level to be able to heal himself.

14:31 Dr. Gladden asks if what he discovered is what people experiencing long term effects of infection around the globe right now might be suffering from after they stop showing signs of infection on a surface level.

15:10 Ian talks about the unexpected use of Benadryl to counteract this sub-cellular issue, coupled with Carbon60 and Urolithin A for full recovery assisted by mitophagy.

16:22 Dr. Gladden explains what the cell does during autophagy and mitophagy.

16:51 Ian explains how the body fights a virus and how he helped the body do this all the way to the sub-cellular level to truly heal.

18:23 Dr. Gladden asks if Ian has been adding Urolithin A to his products, and Ian describes what he has discovered by using himself as a guinea pig.

19:26 Ian talks about what he has done with the p53 knockout experiment to feel confident that there is some mechanism in his product that is suppressing oncological formations.

21:01 Dr. Gladden asks Ian what he thinks about the vaccine effects on mitochondria.

23:02 Ian talks about looking into very small embryonic-like stem cells, adding those to the procedure in his lab, and the resulting effects of it. How he got his capacity back.

23:55 Dr. Gladden takes the products that Ian has been using and groups them together in a trilogy. Ian further explains what the Benadryl’s role is within the cocktail.

25:42 Dr. Gladden and Ian introduce the product that Ian has been working on that is stopping tumor cells from dividing. Ian explains how he has optimized it and what universities in Spain and USA have discovered in regards to cancer. This is how cancer cells work and what Ian is doing to interfere in their process.

31:16 Dr. Gladden asks if Ian is using a cocktail of things to do this or what things is he linking together as a strategy.

32:00 Ian goes on to list and explain the strategy and its elements.

33:21 Deterium-depleted water is introduced, which is another way of mitochondrial modulation. It’s like higher octane fuel, Ryan explains.

35:45 Is there a way to take ordinary water and turn it into Deterium-depleted water? Dr. Gladden asks.

37:27 Ian tells us about the method he developed to produce Deterium-depleted water at a much more attainable price, solving the major current issue with it.

40:00 Dr. Gladden brings up the brain and Ian’s NeuralRx product. Ian tells what this product was actually designed for, and Dr. Gladden talks about what they have found out in using it.

43:26 Ian explains exactly what NeuralRx does in the brain.

43:39 Dr. G interrupts to explain what the glymphatic system is to the audience and what it does.

45:40 What happens after a few weeks using NeuralRx?

46:44 What can you do to increase NeuralRx’s capacity?

47:36 Dr. Gladden lists the benefits and capacities of Ian’s products.

48:00 Ian describes what he has been accomplishing in preliminary testing with one of his experimental compounds.

48:36 Dr. Gladden tells the audience where they can find Ian’s products and asks what is coming to market next.

49:44 Ian explains what he is trying to address exactly in terms of longevity.

51:26 Dr. Gladden asks Ian really how recovered he feels in his journey.

52:25 Dr. Gladden clarifies the kind of strategy they’re going after to get the body all the way back to optimal health.

53:15 They say goodbye. 

For Ian Mitchell’s products, visit the Wizard Sciences’ website: 

Instagram: @wizardsciences 

“As close as you’ll feel to limitless” 


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