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Pet Longevity: Keep The Love Going – Episode 138

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden in this chat with Gary Richter, one of the top ten veterinarians in the United States for 2012, and America’s Favorite Veterinarian in 2015 by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF). Gary is a graduate of the University of Florida with a B.S. in animal science, an M.S. in veterinary medical science, and a doctorate of veterinary medicine with honors. He launched Holistic Veterinary Care in 2009 (in Oakland, California), is certified in veterinary acupuncture and veterinary chiropractic, and uses these therapies along with his veterinary medical education to achieve better outcomes for his patients. In this episode, they talk about how pet owners can use longevity science and practices to extend the lifespan and healthspan of their pets, the things you can easily do at home that will make a huge difference in your pet’s health immediately and in the long run, and which traditional practices to stay away from. If you’re going to live longer, you’ll want your pet to do that with you. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Show notes:

00:55 Dr. Gladden introduces the episode’s guest and topic.

02:14 Dr. Gladden asks what are some of the things people can do that have an impact on the health and longevity of their pets.

02:38 Gary explains why this is not only an animal health and welfare issue but also a human health issue.

03:37 Dr. Gladden brings up the Life Energy circle in our Mosaic of Ages and the role that pets could play in that. They proceed to elaborate on the unconditional element of this kind of connection and the profound effects it can have in a person’s well-being.

06:27 What are some of the things people are doing wrong, though well-intended?

06:50 Gary tells us what is the single biggest thing we can do to help our pet live a better life.

07:34 Gary explains what’s wrong with regular dry and canned food for pets.

08:27 Gary recalls what he was taught in school about pet nutrition, which is part of the problem.

08:50 So, what is the solution? Gary introduces “biologically appropriate food”.

10:04 Dr. Gladden asks for clarification on what a “whole food diet” looks like for pets.

12:13 Gary classifies dogs and cats in appropriate carnivore-omnivore categories.

13:12 Gary clarifies what dogs actually need in their food and what’s not necessary.

14:05 Dr. Gladden raises the question of variety in our pet’s diet.

14:56 Gary mentions the two things to keep in mind to work on a balanced diet for our pets.

15:41 How do we figure out if we’re giving them a balanced diet? Gary give us guidance.

16:59 Where do we get this kind of food? And how do we choose between our options?

18:41 Gary lists out some nationally available brands.

19:54 Dr. Gladden talks about food acting as medicine or poison both for pets and people.

20:06 Dr. Gladden and Gary go into the costs of feeding our pets with regular dry or canned food vs whole foods.

21:41 Dr. Gladden asks Gary if dogs should NEVER eat regular dry or canned food.

22:36 Gary explains the greatest advantage that pets have over humans in terms of keeping a healthy balanced diet. This is the power that we have.

23:10 Dr. Gladden elaborates on the power of constructing the environment to support the mission.

24:50 Gary talks about table scraps and things we definitely want to keep away from our dogs.

26:35 Gary explains why chocolate is more problematic now than it was a while ago.

27:46 Dairy in our pets’ diet is discussed.

28:50 What happens when you get a dog or a cat off kibble and onto a fresh food diet?

29:56 Dr. Gladden asks if giving pets nutrient-dense food has the same effects, in terms of satiation, weight loss, etc., as it does in humans.

30:26 Gary clarifies what “meat for dogs” extends to and the level of nutrition there.

31:47 Gary and Dr. Gladden discuss tripe: what it is and the ways you can feed it to your dog. Do they like it?

33:00 Dr. Gladden brings up the aging process in animals and asks Gary to elaborate. Is the seven years per one human year thing true?

34:30 Gary tells us what is the real key to promoting longevity in our pets.

35:32 Not all exercise will be of benefit to our dogs in the long run. Gary explains why.

37:51 Is there a way to rehab our dogs from those activities that give them joy but might be detrimental to their health? Dr. Gladden asks.

39:23 Gary and Dr. Gladden discuss the idea of maybe putting together a cocktail of peptides to help our very active pets heal and regenerate, as well as working dogs.

41:39 Gary and Dr. Gladden talk about figuring out how to give our dogs hydrogen water or something similar to help them recover, and the possibility of future projects together.

43:43 Dr. Gladden explains what he’s measuring in humans right now, the breakthroughs that he’s having and talks about maybe setting up that kind of trial for animals.

44:37 Dr. Gladden asks Gary how we can help prevent age-related diseases in our pets.

45:42 Gary talks about different kinds of diseases and the different kinds of dogs that tend to develop them.

46:55 Gary brings up research showing a relationship between certain types of cancer and spaying/neutering. Him and Dr. Gladden elaborate on the possible effects of spaying/neutering in pets’ health in the long run.

49:52 There is a physiologic difference in dogs that were spayed/neutered at a younger age.

50:57 What is routinely recommended in veterinary medicine that might or might not be good for your pet?

53:00 Gary talks vaccines and the practice of over vaccinating our pets.

54:34 How to avoid over vaccination. Gary explains his method.

56:17 Gary explains the danger with parvo.

57:18 Dr. Gladden asks for Gary’s expert take on the vaccination topic in regards to cats.

59:01 Dr. Gladden asks about the kinds of diseases or infections that our pets could transmit to us. What could we be exposed to?

1:01:36 Gary gives out the different websites people can go to to get educated, connect with him, get nutritious food for their pets, and even scope out the new pet wearables he’s coming out with. 

And for more information on Dr. Gary Richter, his practice, his ultimate pet health guide on nutrition, and pet wearables, visit his websites and social media pages! 

Instagram: @petvetexpert / @holisticvetcare / @ultimatepetnutrition 

Twitter: @petvetexpert / @ultpetnutrition  

Facebook: Dr. Gary Richter 

YouTube: Ultimate Pet Nutrition 


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