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Boosting Your NAD+ – Episode 117

Dr. Nichola Conlon is the Founder and CEO of Nuchido, where she, along with other scientists, works to discover interventions that increase healthspan and vitality. Dr. Conlon joins Dr. Gladden this week to take an in-depth look at NAD, its role in longevity and aging, and the most advanced way to boost your NAD+.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Nichola Conlon and her work in the sphere of aging and longevity (1:31);

What led to Dr. Conlon being passionate about molecular biology and aging (3:41);

Dr. Conlon’s experience in drug development and network pharmacology (7:04);

What NAD is and why it is fundamental in the human body (10:50);

What boosting your NAD levels can do for epigenetic age (13:19);

NAD and its role in DNA repair (14:23);

The two different states of NAD, and the importance of the ratio between NAD+ and NADH (16:21);

Why NAD declines with aging (18:53);

What optimizing your NAD levels at a younger age can do for mitigating cellular senescence (25:09);

Ways to increase your NAD at various ages (26:57);

How Dr. Conlon has designed Nuchido to raise NAD levels and her research process (29:29);

The benefits of taking Nuchido’s TIME+ products compared to other precursors (44:23);

Why getting a NAD infusion without a properly functioning salvage pathway does not produce the desired results and is not a long-term solution (47:53);

Why Dr. Conlon chose to use nicotinamide as a precursor (50:14);

Dr. Conlon’s current ongoing study (51:55);

What is Glycanage (54:54);

Dr. Conlon’s main takeaway (56:58);

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