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Rejuvenation and Regeneration – Episode 118

On this week’s podcast Dr, Jeffrey Gladden is joined by Dr. Ernie Navarro from Gladden Longevity. Dr. Gladden and Dr. Navarro sit down to talk through the topics of rejuvenation and regeneration, the various technologies and strategies being used at Gladden Longevity, and the results thus far!

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Peptides as a primary tool of regeneration and rejuvenation (2:15); 

Technologies that can accelerate the healing process and how they are examples of regeneration (2:48); 

Dr. Gladden’s personal experience with regeneration following a mountain bike crash and the results of using peptides and BPC-157 (3:51); 

Other therapies used to recover from injuries including pulse shock wave therapy, called TRT, ozone injections, and activated PRP (5:16);

Dr. Navarro’s take on the synergistic nature of these treatments as well as the effect ozone has with these treatments (6:31); 

The Fast Mimicking Diet, and how it helps prep for these procedures, as well as other ways to prepare well (9:52);

The role NAD plays in the healing process (13:00);

The studies done to see how stem cells respond to toxic environments filled with cytokines (13:39);

Regenerative technologies and their uses in several treatments, including symptoms following COVID (18:18);

The importance of being proactive in the healing process (23:00);

NeuX, its relation to rejuvenation and regeneration, and how it works to diagnose injuries and give direction on bringing the body back into optimal functioning (24:45);


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