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The Keys to Success – Episode 119

On our newest episode, Dr. Gladden is joined by Dr. Ernie Navarro and Nurse Practitioner Melissa Markel from Gladden Longevity. The trio will be discussing the “Keys to Success” on how to maneuver and succeed in the space of health, wellness, and longevity!

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

A new study about the correlation between the risk of heart disease and drinking coffee and tea (1:39); 

Our topic for this episode– what it takes to succeed and the issues that people face in optimizing their longevity (3:15);

How the strategies and paths you take to optimizing your longevity looks different depending on what decade of life you are in (5:39);

How supplements aren’t the full answer and that biological balance is essential to moving forward (6:40); 

How this process and lifestyle is going to potentially have you acting differently from your peers and family members (8:56);

“The Symphony of Longevity” (11:40);

The importance of maintaining a regular routine, and having a plan A, B, and C (13:14);

The importance of sleep and some practical steps and hacks on creating a great sleep routine (15:47); 

Exercise plans and how it is important to find something you enjoy and get out of your comfort zone (19:17);

The mindset shift of seeing exercise as an opportunity for joy (22:50);

Some practical things you can do to succeed in implementing a new diet and lifestyle (25:02);

Intermittent fasting, and making sure you are not causing your insulin levels to remain high by eating constantly (26:52);

Why you should not eat right before bed (29:18);

Supplements and ways to incorporate them into a daily routine (31:04);

Powders versus capsules (35:11);

The effects of stress on aging and the importance of work-life balance (39:27);


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